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Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Season 1 Episode 18

Two episodes in a row featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders?  Ugh, I'm gonna need some Advil.  At least Applejack is back.  Yay!  And she takes the three girls to her old clubhouse and allows them to turn it into their own clubhouse.
Of course, they're not too thrilled with the obviously dilapidated state it is in.

The Show Stoppers
After the typical opening song, we get to see Scootaloo's mad skills and here it is!  She's Tony Hawk on a scooter!  Look at her go!  Oh, and note the recycled audio clip used for Granny Smith from Episode 1.

Granny Smith: Soup's on!

So, how many other denizens in Ponyville can do these kinds of tricks on a scooter?  As far I can tell, only Scootaloo can.  So why hasn't she discovered being graceful is her special talent?  Or maybe the question is, why hasn't Hasbro decided to give them their cutie marks because of said talents we're about to see in this episode?  Must be a running gag by now.  Well, some running gags are meant to be funny, but they do get old after a while and sooner or later the writers decide to make their characters get totally bogged down by said running gags.  Then they're not so funny anymore and that's when they really start to get old.

Pinkie Pie: I mean, duh, bo-ring!

So I seriously think it should be only a matter of time before these Cutie Mark Crusaders get their cutie marks (Season 3?) because the running gag has at least been irritating me since the events of this episode.  And by events, I mean witnessing their special talents with my own eyes and if not everyone can figure it out, they need to watch this episode again and again until they get it.  Because it happens and everyone knows it.  So Scootaloo's talent is, like her namesake, being able to do fantastical stunts both on and off her signature scooter.  And we see Apple Bloom's special talent when Scootaloo returns to the clubhouse.
It seems that the little farm filly was somehow able to spruce up the whole place.  Wow, she's really good at fixing things.  But look, they don't even question each other whether these might be their special talents.  They just compliment each other on them.  As for Sweetie Belle, her special talent is easy to figure out.  Listen to this.
[Sweetie Belle]
We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders... hm hm hm hm hmm hmm
hm ...never stop the journey...hmm

Wow...  That's just...  Wow!  Okay, never mind that her current singing voice is provided by Michelle Creber, who also voices Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle is just amazing for her age!  If that's not her so-called special talent, I don't what is. 

So the Cutie Mark Crusaders believe they can find their talents by trying a bunch of random stuff around Ponyville.  Obviously that won't help in the slightest because it means for them trying a bunch of stuff they're unfamiliar with.  And what's the use of checking their rumps if they just make a mess of things?  They know they don't do so well in several fields, so what makes them think they'll just get their cutie marks randomly?  Besides, we've technically seen their special talents.  All they have to do is focus on them and it's insanely obvious that their talents are in fact the ones they haven't questioned themselves over.  It's easy as pie!  Scootaloo is like a pro with her scooter as well as a rather graceful dancer, and we learn later that the reason she's been practicing airborne stunts is because she idolizes Rainbow Dash, Apple Bloom is skilled with renovation and production, and Sweetie Belle is a talented singer and seems to be a natural songwriter as well.  Those talents aren't hard to figure out on your own!  If the Cutie Mark Crusaders haven't earned their cutie marks, it's because they're not even trying!
Rainbow Dash: Ugh...
Twilight even tries to tell them what might be the proper way of earning cutie marks, but instead the girls decide on doing things they like instead of doing things they're good at.  Girls, girls, girls... the more you practice with the things you're good at, the more you'll start to enjoy them!  What's so hard to understand about that?!

Cheerilee then offers them to partake in their school's talent show.  But since it's obvious that the girls are putting things they enjoy doing ahead of what they're good at, this actually isn't a good idea.  Well, not unless they discover their hidden talents, which they don't.
Just look, we got Apple Bloom stumbling trying to dance, Scootaloo getting all Don Music trying to write a song, and Sweetie Belle being a sloppy designer.  Well, they found out the talents all right, but they got them all mixed up!

You know, it seems to be that Hasbro is setting them up intentionally to be dumb just to refrain them from ever getting their cutie marks.  I know they're only school-age fillies, but really... it doesn't take a dummy to discover your inner talents once they break out.  The Cutie Mark Crusaders never took Twilight's advice seriously.  Hell, I'll bet they didn't even acknowledge what she was saying.

Oh, it looks like Applejack knows that the girls are messing up big time.  Does anyone else but me see that their efforts at the talent show are gonna be a disaster?
So the talent show goes through, and as expected, the Cutie Mark Crusaders epic fail at whatever it is they are doing.  Oh, and of course, Scootaloo is no singer.

When you're a younger pony
And your flank is very bare
Feels like the sun will never come
When your cutie mark's not there
This is just crazy!  How in the hell are these fillies ever gonna figure out their special talents if they don't even acknowledge what they're good at much less learn to use them?!  So the audience of course laughs with what is obviously their failure, although I'd facepalm because they were being dumb and using the wrong talents.  But despite their rather rowdy showcase, Cheerilee awards them for the best comedy act and guess what the Cutie Mark Crusaders believe?  They now believe they're destined to be comedians!

Ugh...  I don't believe this.  Well, it's no wonder they don't have their cutie marks yet.  In fact, it's no wonder why Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon torment them all the time!  They're being dumb!  I never realized it until I saw this episode!  It all makes sense!  I'm sorry, but there really is no other explanation.  If they want their cutie marks so badly, they have to rectify everything they're doing and snap to realize what they're good at.

Scootaloo, keep practicing being damn graceful until you finally realize it's your special talent!  Apple Bloom, ask anyone in Ponyville if you can help fix or build anything, or just ask your sister Applejack if you can help with tinkering anything!  Just grasp that it's your talent!  Please!  Sweetie Belle, get over your stupid stage fright (ask your sister Rarity for help and if she doesn't, she has a serious problem) and sing your heart out for God's sake!  Put plainly and simply, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are never gonna get their cutie marks if they don't wise up and do the things they do best, which they should know by now!  *sigh*  Twilight is right.  They are missing the point.

Twilight Sparkle: One day...  One day...

Yeah, they'd better, because at this point, they're three stooges for not being able to figure out their stuff sooner.  Good day to you, bronies.

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