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Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Season 1 Episode 17

Stare Master
The Cutie Mark Crusaders return in this episode and having formed their so-called secret society, this marks the beginning of the them becoming hell-bent to find their cutie marks.  But the episode begins with Sweetie Belle and Rarity, which is when we find out that they are sisters (I mentioned this five episodes ago because I already knew that), but they seem to have a rather questionable relationship.
For one, Rarity tends to think mainly about herself and believes her sister is but only an interference with her work.  Sweetie Belle wants to help, but clearly that isn't gonna happen anytime soon, so let's move on.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo arrive to begin their sleepover, but after seeing what Sweetie Belle used to design their outfits (wait, how did she do it that fast?), Rarity frets that without enough supplies, she'll have to stay up all night and work, and thus promptly cancels their event.  Fluttershy then offers to babysit the kids instead, despite Rarity believing that they might be more than she can handle, which they are at first because they prove themselves to be rather mischievous.
See, the one problem with the Cutie Mark Crusaders is that time and time again, they tend to go out of their way in an effort to earn their cutie marks.  It just seems that they lack the patience that most denizens of Equestria have, possibly because some of them never even think about earning their cutie marks.  Maybe they just want to stop being tormented by the dreary duo of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.  Yeah, like just earning their cutie marks is gonna be the end of that.  The irony is that we're actually gonna find out their special talents in the next episode, but due to having yet to realize them, they still don't get their cutie marks for some insane reason.

Anyways, on the way over to Fluttershy's cottage, Twilight tells Fluttershy that she's off to Zecora's place on an errand and she's surprised that Fluttershy thinks she can handle the Cutie Mark Crusaders.  Guess quite a lot of denizens know just how mischievous they can be as a trio.  So as expected, when the sleepover begins, the kids practically all but tear the cottage apart and they won't sit still.
And when it's bedtime for them, Fluttershy starts to sing a lullaby in hopes of putting them to sleep.  Here we go.

Hush now, quiet now
It's time to lay your sleepy head
Hush now, quiet now
It's time to go to bed
Now this song would have been good, and it would have worked, but Sweetie Belle decides to go and sing it ten times louder, so hold on to your eardrums!

[Sweetie Belle]
Driftin' (driftin') off to sleep!
The exciting day behind you!
Driftin' (driftin') off to sleep!
Let the joy of dream land find you!
And wouldn't you know it, she wakes up the chickens!  Wait, Fluttershy has a chicken house, too?
I mean, just a minute ago we saw the position of Fluttershy's cottage on some kind of ledge and now it seems to be on this flat terrain where this chicken house is now directly beside it.  What's up with that?
Oh, and look.  An animation error.  Throughout much of the scene where the kids try to catch the chickens on the loose, Scootaloo, despite being a Pegasus, is minus her wings.
Fluttershy eventually rounds up all the chickens and gives them "the stare", which Rarity mentioned earlier in the episode, and the chickens instantly comply.
Now despite the kids being witnesses to Fluttershy's stare tactic, they still refuse to get any shuteye when she seems them off to bed again.  Are they stupid or something?  They notice that one of the chickens is missing and is running loose in the Everfree Forest, so they decide to go and rescue it.  Yep, they are stupid. 
Of course, it isn't long before Fluttershy discovers that the kids are missing and has no choice but to go after them.  Yeah, those kids are gonna be grounded for sure.

While Fluttershy is out looking for them, she encounters Twilight, only to find she's been turned to stone.

Fluttershy: Don't move; I'll be back for you.

Um, yeah, there was a totally unnecessary statement.  Now when I saw this scene, I said, "There's one creature capable of doing this, and it's a cockatrice."
Well, what do you know, it is a cockatrice!  Fluttershy finds the girls and the missing chicken only to encounter the beast, which turns the chicken into stone as well.
Having had enough, Fluttershy is somehow able to stare down the cockatrice, nearly getting turned to stone herself in the process, and forces it to undo its evil spell, saving the chicken and Twilight.  The Cutie Mark Crusaders now decide to obey Fluttershy with no strings attached and they all return to her cottage safe and sound.

The next morning, Twilight writes another letter to the princess and Rarity comes to fetch the kids.  Fluttershy rounds them up, surprising Rarity, only stating that she now believes she can handle little kids the same way she handles small animals.  The end.

So we've been introduced to just how much trouble the Cutie Mark Crusaders are capable of getting themselves into as a group.  Trying to find their special talents is one thing, but they sure have a funny way of doing it.  Despite the inclusion of several Greek mythologies in this series, I still can't completely like the show for some odd reason.  I love the vector-based animations and all that, but sad to say that's just about the only real thing I'll ever like.  Oh, and Applejack as well.  Bye for now!

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