Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Season 2 Episode 20

It's About Time
This episode shares a title with the Phineas and Ferb episode of the same name and just like this episode it involves time travel.  Thankfully the distance is far less than millions of years back.  In fact, it's just one week.
It all starts when Twilight Sparkle is paid an unexpected visit from herself one week in the future, and although we don't know this yet, she's trying to warn herself not to panic.  The future Twilight consists of a scar, a rock style hairdo, a bandage on her forehead, and a somewhat torn black jumpsuit. 
So Twilight, back to her old panicky self from "Lesson Zero", ends up warning all of Ponyville about a possible impending disaster, but the only thing remotely close is that Cerberus, guardian of the gates of Tartarus, has somehow escaped, meaning that if nothing is done, creatures of the underworld will escape to the land of the living. 
As always, leave it to Fluttershy to tame the beast so Twilight can easily return him to where he belongs.  But after that, things starts happening that gradually give Twilight all of her future facial features.
First she gets a paper cut from one of Spike's scrolls, right on the cheek.
Then when she decides to stand still and Spike tickles her, she uses her magic to throw Spike into a wall, causing him to accidentally scorch her mane, resulting in the now punk Twilight.
Next, Pinkie's senses go off once again and a flower pot hits her on the head, so when Pinkie next sees her, she's wearing a bandage.
Next, she accidentally swings her telescope and looks directly at the sun (not smart), so Pinkie gets an eye patch for her.  Twilight then decides to return to Canterlot and find a spell to stop time altogether.  Now this could be one the most dangerous things of all, if it actually were to work.  While stopping time doesn't factor into the rotation of the earth itself, time stopping altogether doesn't just mean everything gets to live forever.  It also means everything stays the same and nothing changes.  Every day would be exactly the same and nothing new would ever come along.  That itself is a curse, so Twilight trying to pull something like this off would be catastrophic.  Ironic that despite her being an egghead, even she doesn't seem to know this.  Apparently she needs to take more research into account.

So she returns to Canterlot along with Pinkie Pie and Spike all wearing black jumpsuits and start sneaking around looking for a spell powerful enough to stop time.  Now, what's wrong with this picture?  Twilight does not need to go sneaking around here!  Canterlot was her old home!  She used to live here!  Sure she knows where things are and such, but really?  Does she really have to be stealthy?

Guard: Hey, Twilight, haven't seen you in a while. Let me open that for ya.
Princess Celestia: Good morning, Twilight, love the new hairstyle. Well, happy Tuesday!
Twilight Sparkle: Why isn't anypony surprised to see me sneaking around in here?!
They're not surprised because you used to LIVE... IN... CANTERLOT!!!  That's why the guard was friendly to you!  You're Celestia's personal protégé!  Jesus, someone remind me why bronies even got into this series, please!  Just slap this unicorn silly!

Anyways, there's no disaster, but Pinkie finds a spell that allows her to go back one week in time.  So Twilight does so and tries to warn past Twilight not to worry about a thing, but since the exact same scene happens, it's a wasted effort.  You know what this means?  This episode never had to exist and it was pretty much a waste of time.  Nothing special happens at all.  And Twilight acts like an idiot.  I just... *sigh*  I just don't get the point of this entire episode, so again, I've got nothing to say about it.  I don't even wanna dwell on it.  What's the point?  Besides, we all know why actual time travel is extremely dangerous, so I hope I don't need to go into details about it. 
Well, let's hope the next episode is at least 20% more meaningful.  Wait... what?  What am I saying?!

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