Friday, August 31, 2012

Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Top 10 Posts

To wrap up for the month as the last thing on the subject before Season 3 of this "needs-to-be-improved" series, I will now tally up which 10 posts of my episode critiques have had the most views so far.  Here we go.

10.  Boast Busters (82+ views)
Some fans just like Trixie for some crazy reason.  Typical.  Well I say, what's to like about her?  Not only is she a constant braggart, but even after admitting that her conquest over the Ursa Major was a lie, she still wouldn't admit to being wrong about her personality.  I tell you, if characters don't change like that, like Diamond Tiara, they'll never learn.  And they'll just be worse off the next time we see them.  Well, this episode's repetitiveness should be enough to drive anyone up the wall and I honestly wish I could get rich watching this episode again and again, just so I could pay off all my college debts.  Now Trixie is expected to show up once more in Season 3, so if she hasn't learned her lesson by now...  Game over, man.  Game over.  It'll be one more episode left in ruins.  No questions asked.

9.  The Best Night Ever (90+ views)
You know, do you users even read my posts from top to bottom?  Or do you just hope that I'm gonna get those videos replaced with stuff you can watch?  Well, if I wasn't so lazy, I'd do that, but I really wanna get the impression you folks are reading these critiques carefully.  I mean, we can all learn something from this, right?  Okay, this episode isn't all that good either because aristocracy and sophistication sucks.  That is to say, those who are do not take highly of the middle and lower class, unless you're Fancypants.  But seriously, the stinginess of high class is exactly the reason why the six main characters had the worst night ever instead of having their dreams be fulfilled.  Sophisticated aristocrats have little to no respect for ground beneath their heels, they're too clean for their own good, and their definition of party is nothing more than a social gathering, which can be the definition of boring for the lower class.  A party is a chance to go nuts and not be ridiculed for it.  Life's what you make of it, ya know?  So, to be blunt, this episode really doesn't stand out from the crowd.

8.  A Canterlot Wedding, Parts 1 & 2 (100+ views)
So, how many users took this post seriously?  I really wanna know.  I know there are some of you out there who hated these two episodes for pretty much the reasons I would expect.  There's no doubt that in personal opinion, these are the worst episodes in the entire series so far, so bad that I don't see how Season 3 is gonna make things all better.  Seriously, this one-hour event really makes the series drop to an all-time low and if it wasn't for superior animation, the show would be 100% ruined.  Do you see Twilight?  She is crying because her heart is broken.  And who broke her heart?  Her own brother.  And of course, her friends and Celestia as well.  This if anything has the grounds to expose the true colors of Twilight's friends.  If they see one wrong move with her, they're through with her.  Not very forgiving, are they?  If it were me, I would not forgive them at all.  Or at least I wouldn't be so soft with them.  Hell, I'd barely consider them my friends anymore.  If anyone thinks Twilight deserved this, that someone ain't no fan of the show.

7.  Bridle Gossip (102+ views)
There's practically racism in this episode.  Zecora is at first feared by everyone in Ponyville simply because she's neither pony, Pegasus, nor unicorn.  She's a zebra... from Africa!  I tell you, that's got racism written all over it.  So what exactly netted this post over a hundred views?

6.  Call of the Cutie (103+ views)
Evidently, racism wasn't good enough for the show so we had to get introduced to segregation!  Oh God, the things wrong with this series!  Look, I appreciate that Hasbro might be trying to spread a message just like Theodore Giesel and his books, but really, if Hasbro really wanted to do that, they would have made Diamond Tiara learn her lesson in this very episode.  Instead, she gets pissed off, indicating that she'll never learn her lesson and she'll only be back for more.  You wanna spread a message?  Make the character that starts the crazy stuff learn the important and valuable lesson that needs to be taught.  Otherwise, you're not doing your job.  Segregation sucks.  Racism is just wrong.  At least the latter got fixed because Zecora now regularly roams freely among the denizens of Ponyville.

5.  Luna Eclipsed (130+ views)
I'll bet the return of Princess Luna was exciting for fans.  But then she is devoid of all love and attention she desires, save the bronies of course who long to break the fourth wall and hug their favorite characters.  Hopefully, Season 3 will be better for her.  I sure as hell hope so.  She deserves more attention, especially more than her wicked sister Celestia.

4.  Fall Weather Friends (189+ views)
I think it's the fan pairing between Applejack and Rainbow Dash that attracts viewers to this post.  But yeah, I guess I can understand that.  But what I don't get is why bronies, who claim to exist to love and tolerate, could possibly be poking fun at gay and lesbian communities.

3.  Over a Barrel (214+ views)
I expressed quite clearly that I hate this episode.  Now, does this fact alone attract viewers to this post?

2.  Friendship is Magic, Parts 1 & 2 (317+ views)
Ah, yes.  The series premiere and I introduce the subject of bronies and what could have been their true colors.  That I can understand for a high view count.

1.  The Cutie Mark Chronicles (357+ views)
Several times, this post and the second place post would be neck and neck.  Now it's been clear that this post takes the cake and claims the blue ribbon.  I kinda have to wonder why, though.  Was it that I had more dialogue from the episode's transcript than the others?  Was it Young Fluttershy's beautiful song?  Was it the episode plot itself?  I may never know because I never hear from you viewers.  Okay, so you might not all have blogger accounts, but getting one of those is a cinch.

Okay, seriously, I'm calling it quits on these kinds of posts until Season 3.  I mean, I've said more than enough already.  Just don't expect a new critique the moment a new episode comes and goes.  I'm likely to wait around for its wiki page to set up a gallery and a transcript first.  Well, I'll see y'all later!  I'll be back for Season 3!  And I'm sure you bronies wouldn't miss it!

Because Even Machines Have Hearts

WARNING! SPOILERS! This post contains spoilers regarding the Phineas and Ferb episode "Where's Perry? Part 2".  View at your own risk, or try not to look for that matter, if you want to see the episode and find out for yourself what happens.

Well, as expected, Jeremy did not break up with Candace and had in fact been saying that their signal was breaking up.  Told ya!  Turns out Jeremy and his band wrote a song just for her.  Now, does that really sound like someone who would willingly break up with her?  It's just as I said before.  This part of the cliffhanger was obviously all too easy to figure out, thus making it not worthy of being a cliffhanger.  Everything else plays as it goes.  So once again, Candace needlessly worried over nothing and Jeremy was not breaking up.  It doesn't take a five-year-old to figure that one out.

The Thunder is out!  Peace!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Top 5 Worst Episodes

Ah, sorry, Twilight Sparkle, but I never have truly thought highly of this series to begin with.  I've always just had nothing more than an indifference.  I love the animation, make no mistake, but the show itself in personal opinion really could stand to use some improvement.  I pat you on the head and pray that it will because I would not want such stellar animation to be wasted.  Anyways, no worries, I don't expect this post will be all that bad.  So let's get this over with.

5.  Boast Busters
Well, for one, I pretty much already explained why I detest these certain episodes in the first place if you've read my previous posts.  While this episode's predecessor, "Griffon the Brush Off" was only nothing short of boring taking about one-third of the episode to get to the actual plot, "Boast Busters" is the first episode in the series that I truly despise, mainly because of repetitiveness coming from "the great and powerful Trixie".  God help me.  Fun fact, though.  All these episodes that I'm mentioning all happen after the next one, so it makes it seem like the series is getting progressively worse.  But mind you, this is only based on the first two seasons.  Season 3 could be even worse... or better, I hope.

4.  Over a Barrel
I can't stress this one enough.  Buffaloes, or bison, do not, I repeat, do not go stampeding because of an age-old tradition.  They only stampede when they get agitated.  And that's all there is to it.  But what I really despise about this episode is that Pinkie Pie of all the characters speaks on morale grounds and no one takes her performance seriously.  I don't know if it was that everyone thought she was being ditzy or that no one liked the hidden message.  If it was the latter, that would it make it suck even more because it gives the impression that ol' Thunderhooves and Silverstar are peace haters, which I also despise immensely.  Pinkie was in the right the whole time and it took the whole episode for everyone else to finally get it.  Ugh...

3.  The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
Don't even get me started on this beast.  Pointless episode, pointless lesson, crummy antagonists, and of course not the kind of apple cider I would drink.  I don't think I need to say anything else.

2.  Ponyville Confidential
Not only is the extent of Diamond Tiara's dark side introduced, but the Cutie Mark Crusaders take the heat of things in this episode, practically facing exile from Ponyville.  What makes the main five friends of The Land Before Time series way better and much more honorable is that they are much quicker to realize their mistakes and are much more forgiving of each other, as they know that staying mad at others doesn't help and it forces us to pay twice for our mistakes and learn the hard way.  And if Diamond Tiara hasn't learned a thing at this point, she never will.  Now here's something about me you might want to understand.  Despite me picking this show apart, I never directly stated that I hate the series nor any of the characters.  It's just nothing more than an indifference.  Believe me, with this show's animation, I want it to get better, but I've seen no visible signs so far, at least in personal opinion.

1.  A Canterlot Wedding
I don't think I need to go over what has made these two episodes the worst in the entire series.  There's hypocrisy, broken realism, terrorist attacks, and friendships betrayed.  And with the magic of friendship itself broken and never able to be healed completely, the continuity of the series at this point is ruined forever.  I seriously think all that has happened to Twilight will haunt her forever, even though things are all patched up for the time being.  The very fact that it has happened once at this late point in the series is liable to scar her for as long as she lives.  You know the old saying that destruction comes a lot easier than creation?  It's exactly like that with friendship.  Everything that was built up so far in the series came crashing down, even if it was only temporary.  It has happened and it will be around forever.  Even if it isn't expressed in later upcoming seasons, I say this very memory has the potent to haunt Twilight for the rest of her life, mainly because she should not be certain it won't happen again.  It happened once, so who's to say it won't?  Know what I mean?

So while the series has superb animation, there are several flaws that make the show not so hot from my eyes.  There's hypocrisy, there's segregation, there's flat-out lies, there's ignorance, there's even scenes of self-depression, which is usually motivation for suicide.  I mean, just think about the fridge horror for a minute.  While Season 3 has a chance to turn this all around, I have a bad inkling that it might not happen, if anytime soon.  And that's a shame because animation is not the only crucial factor that makes for a good cartoon.  Plot and drama can only go so far before we decide "Oh, I just can't watch this shit anymore".