Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Lost World! Six Villains, One Destiny

Meet the new foes in Sonic the Hedgehog's latest upcoming adventure, the Deadly Six!  They've broken away from their alliance with Dr. Eggman and have decided to conquer the world on their own!  Now, it'll be up to Sonic and Eggman to team up (again) in order to stop these mysterious miscreants.

And just when I thought Sonic Generations and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 would be the end of things.  I should have known that Sonic Team and SEGA have way more tenacity than to end their Sonic the Hedgehog franchise like that.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Canon Phinbella?

Now, you didn't think for a minute that I had swayed from Phineas and Ferb for ponies, did you?  Not a chance!  But because I keep shifting, a lot of news has come and gone, but this time around, I've found one of the greatest pieces of news in existence.  For Season 4, an episode titled "Act Your Age" is in production as we speak and it (believe it or not) will seemingly fixate on the would-be lovey-dovey pair of children, Phineas and Isabella.  I don't know whether this image is real or not, although the dA user Puffedwarrior could have just easily slapped the Disney XD logo on just to troll us.  However, Dan Povenmire once stated on his Twitter account that he finished an image that would get Phinbella fans to react on a very high scale.  But in any case, Phinbella fans are gaining high expectations for this upcoming episode, bound for airing on TV sometime in 2014.  Maybe it's gonna be the new summer fling, as "Mission Marvel" will be this summer.

This might not be a joke this time around, so fans, brace yourselves!  The biggest highlight of the show is about to become a reality!  Isabella's greatest dream will soon come true... hopefully...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Damn These Bronies to Hell Already!

So this "Equestria Girls" thing that's been floating around for a while is actually coming to pass and is getting a theatrical release on June 16th, 2013.  Hm, okay...  This is something new indeed.  But the reason I'm here and making this post is because...  Guess what?  Once more, the brony fandom is exploding in anger and cursing Hasbro for doing this side story.

The thing is, the brony community has without a doubt revealed its true colors by now.  While they pretended to love the show and band together over the first couple of episodes, once things changed, they went off in an angry rant and decided that they should secretly usurp Hasbro to take control of the whole My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise for themselves and create the series the way they want it.  What the hell?

So while the term 'brony' may seem to be fitting for a male young adult fan of the series, in actuality, it is like the Moopets to the Muppets.  In other words, bad.  Clearly, when one thing doesn't go their way in the series, they erupt.  So it's obvious these bronies are not fans at all, but rather warmongers hell-bent on repossessing the entire series if not the franchise.  When Lauren Faust left the show, they complained.  When Derpy was 'censored', they shouted.  When Twilight became an alicorn princess, they ranted, raved, and bellowed.  And now, with the coming of "Equestria Girls", they are exploding with fury.  Will someone just tell these bronies to head for the hills and leave the goddamn fandom already?!

It's also clear that the bronies have lost sight of the whole gist.  I can't stress this enough, but the series is considered a children's series!  It was made with an original demographic for young girls!  How much clearer can that be to these evil bronies?!  Hasbro didn't draw in these bronies to the fandom.  The bronies did that themselves and formed their own community.  And once again, they're tearing each other apart limb from limb and after all this time, they still haven't disbanded?  Ugh...

From now on, I say to be a brony is to be a bad person, because it means being a part of that particular fandom means being part of a group that wants to take over Hasbro and run the show the way bronies want.  If that were to happen, can you imagine all the Rule 34 stuff that would show up as a start?

If you bronies don't like the series anymore, and you don't like what Hasbro is doing, just leave the frigging fandom.  Because now, the bronies have notoriously hurt the feelings of a few animators from DHX and that is not a good thing.  It's official.  These bronies... are monsters.