Saturday, March 30, 2013

Two of a Kind 
According to Meghan McCarthy's Twitter page, it is said that a future episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be about disabilities.  Now I like the sound of that, seeing as there's not enough discussion of importance on this in cartoons for kids, which would be good for them to know about and understand.  However, last I checked, while it was Lauren Faust's original intention to have Scootaloo be a disabled Pegasus unable to fly for life, Scootaloo is simply flightless, which has no excuses to back it up (Pound Cake, anyone?).  As for Ditzy Doo, her speaking role and a-wall eyes stirred up a controversy (thanks a lot, horrible soccer moms) that resulted in her being reduced to having a "Where's Waldo" role in the series.  Now both of these ponies are the only "disabled" characters we know of, so this episode Meghan McCarthy first mentioned as an answer to another fan question (won't they just cease already?) could be about Scootaloo... or Derpy.

Or it could be about neither of them...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The One in the Mask

Despite the back story behind this new toy line pony, we can forget about Sunset Shimmer appearing in Season 4 for any kind of role whatsoever.  Meghan McCarthy has confirmed this, thus suppressing the former rumors.  It actually makes sense because for all we know, by the time Hasbro introduced this pony in the mask, Season 4 might have already been completed by the staff behind the TV show, or at least much of it.  So now, Sunset Shimmer, despite having a name with practically the same meaning as Twilight Sparkle, is just a toy pony.  See, bronies?  Hasbro hasn't entirely taken control of the series.  So get over Princess Twilight already!