Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Brother vs. Brother (And a Mentally Disturbing Universe)

It has been speculated that the Super Mario World hack known as "Brutal Mario", thought to have been on hiatus or cancelled by some, has a Demo 9.5, which is believed to reveal that the hack is nearing completion.  However, it has also been speculated that some info posted on the Brutal Mario Wiki page might have been made up, as some things sound like they're mentally disturbing.  But one thing's for sure, Internet user Carol, creator of the hack, has definitely proved that the hack is still in production and maybe even in full swing.  And due to the insane amount of ASM coded into this hack, at this point, just acquiring the patch and a copy of a Super Mario World ROM will not be enough...

EDIT:  Ignore this post.  Demo 9.5 is fake, all of it.  The real hack is nearing completion anyway, but it's still not known if it's within the boundaries of a 4 MB ROM.