Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Season 1 Episode 20

Green Isn't Your Color

Sinister secrets!  Sounds ominous, doesn't it?  Well, by "sinister" I mean that spilling them could result in loss of trust and maybe even friendship.  So is that what this episode is about?  Well, partly, I guess.  It actually relates to the friendship lesson learned.

Pinkie Pie: Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.

But here's the lowdown.  Rarity and Fluttershy get together for a weekly spa treatment, which they've been doing for who knows how long.  While there, Rarity makes the mistake of offering Fluttershy to model in her stead for a celebrity named Photo Finish (another day, another joke name), who she just happened to run into on her way to the spa.  Of course by mistake, I mean that Rarity should have done the modeling to begin with.
So why?  Why would Rarity want someone else to model for her when she wants to be this amazing, glamorous super star?  Is there any reason why she couldn't put on those fancy clothes?  So Fluttershy reluctantly agrees owing to Rarity begging and pleading.

Well, as a consequence, because Rarity doesn't model, when Photo Finish arrives and starts taking pictures, she wants Fluttershy to be the next supermodel and all but leaves Rarity in the dust.

Oh, and regarding secrets, Spike finally tells Twilight and Pinkie Pie about his crush on Rarity, never mind that anyone could have figured that out already.  Despite that prospect, Pinkie Pie makes Twilight swear not to tell under the imminent threat that doing so could cost her Spike's friendship...

Pinkie Pie: FOREVER!

Pinkie Pie: FOREVER!

But we don't really need to worry about that until four episodes later, so let's get on with the rest of this episode.

So Fluttershy is now a model and of course she despises it because she dislikes all the paparazzi, fame, and such.  Yeah, if I wanted to be famous, I would only go as far as television interviews and that's it.  Fluttershy tells Twilight she hates being a model, but wants her to keep it a secret from Rarity because she doesn't want to let her down.  Oh, please.
Well, Rarity despises all the attention Fluttershy is getting, never mind that she's far too shy to adjust to being a model, so she tells Twilight she's jealous of her best friend and asks her to keep it a secret.  Lady, you have no one to blame but yourself.  If you had stepped into those clothes, none of this would have happened and you would have been in Fluttershy's place.  You ignorant fool.


Eventually Twilight comes up with a plan to get Fluttershy out of the model lifestyle by using her magic to make her appear obscene in public, but that thick-headed Rarity, who never once seems to get her head out of clouds about fame and glory, for some stupid reason decides that she doesn't want to see Fluttershy's new life come crashing down, so she starts applauding, which causes the audience to do the same.  Just when it seems like all of Fluttershy's perfectly private lifestyle is gone forever, Rarity shows up and the two reveal their secrets to each other and realize they should have told each other sooner.  Gee, when did you two figure out you really were friends?  So when Photo Finish shows up, Fluttershy turns down her latest offer and quits her job, leaving her baffled.  But then Twilight suddenly cracks under the stress of trying to keep three secrets at once and blurts out...

Twilight Sparkle: Spike has a crush on Rarity!
Rainbow Dash: Ugh...
Well, Pinkie Pie must have told Spike, because we see him in a huff and he refuses to write Twilight's letter to Princess Celestia... until she apologizes.  Not that Photo Finish would probably make heads or tails of what Twilight said anyway.  But even then, Spike puts the letter on hold in favor of still treating Rarity like a queen.  I swear, that same issue I brought up from last episode about Rarity possibly using Spike's crush on her to her advantage once again returns in this episode.  I really don't like where this would-be relationship is gonna go.  It's practically Danny and Wendy all over again, and that was pretty bad considering Wendy never did anything for Danny in return because she was a selfish snob.  And Rarity is supposed to represent the element of generosity, but anyone can tell that she's far different than Wendy by a long shot anyway, so I guess we shouldn't be too worried.  Besides, things get better between them in Season 2 anyway.  But I still have a long way to go before I get there.  So I guess for me, it's on to the next episode.  Ho, boy...  The next episode...  The concept of it sounds pretty detestable to me.

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