Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Season 1 Episode 10

You know how I stated earlier that in spite of Pinkie Pie seeming to be an affront to other ponies' ears, she's not stupid?  Well, guess what?  It's true.  All of it.  Don't believe me?  Well, let's go over this episode and see if you still think Pinkie is entirely lightheaded and ditzy.

Swarm of the Century
We start by learning that Princess Celestia is paying Ponyville a visit and everyone is doing their best, maybe even going a little into overdrive (Twilight obviously), trying to spiff up the town for her arrival.  That's when Fluttershy stumbles across this cute little creature known as a parasprite and although no one knows this just yet, parasprites are actually very dangerous creatures.  The only hint we get is the slightly ominous music that plays while showing an empty basket once full of apples just before the show's opening theme.

So while Twilight goes to check on the progress of everyone in town, Fluttershy meets up with her and Pinkie Pie at the Sugarcube Corner to show off her new friend, but it turns out there are three of them instead of one.  Pinkie instantly identifies the creatures as parasprites and leaves to find a musical instrument.  Now while Twilight believes Pinkie is acting strange and crazy as usual, Pinkie is in fact in the right for the entire episode and no one believes her.

"So you're telling me she's not stupid and you've brought up this undeniable proof.  Okay, sure, but does anyone else know that she's not stupid?"

Good question, the Chazz.  Well, apparently not because no one in Ponyville seems to mind the parasprites at first, but it isn't long before trouble stirs.

You see, it is discovered that parasprites have insatiable appetites and they multiply, also known as reproducing asexually, simply by using their food fuel they acquire.  Okay, this sounds awfully familiar.  Given that this series is notoriously known to make tributes or references to just about anything else, what could these parasprites possibly be a nod to?

Ah, yes.  The tribbles from Star Trek.  Should have known.

Anyways, when the problem is finally discovered, everyone is trying to find some way to get rid of the parasprites while Pinkie is in search of musical instruments.  Of course, Twilight and her friends scold Pinkie for seemingly not helping, but if you remember, she seemed to know what these parasprites are and what they're capable of, so the question is this.  Why didn't Twilight and her friends ask how she knew this?  She had the answer the whole time!

Pinkie Pie: UGH! A parasprite? Are you kidding?

Pinkie Pie: Girls! Hello! This is important.

Pinkie Pie: You've got a real problem alright, and a banjo is the only answer.

Pinkie Pie: Twilight, we don't have much time.
Rainbow Dash: Pinkie Pie, you are so random.
Pinkie Pie: And you are all so stubborn.
Pinkie Pie: Hey! I'm trying to tell you all that the ruining is on the other hoof. If you just slow down and listen to me!

Time and time again, Twilight and her friends ridiculously refuse to give Pinkie so much as even a chance.  To makes things even worse, Twilight stupidly casts a magic spell that makes the parasprites stop eating the food, to which they then turn to devour anything in Ponyville that isn't food.  Twilight even visits Zecora, who was introduced in the previous episode, and she recognizes the parasprites, only to tell them that if they're already in Ponyville, they're screwed... which they are.  And again, Zecora speaks in rhyme, as usual. 

Zecora: Oh, monster of so little size. Is that a parasprite before my eyes?

Zecora: Tales of crops and harvests consumed. If these creatures are in Ponyville, you're doomed.

Celestia arrives and the group of friends, save Pinkie of course, try to distract her from entering Ponyville, but she soon sees Pinkie playing the role of the Pied Piper leading every single parasprite out of town.  She adds it on with the anxiety of Twilight and her friends and decides that she has to cut her visit short owing to an infestation in Fillydelphia (three guesses as to what), but not before requesting from Twilight her latest findings on the magic of friendship, which is basically to stop and listen to what your friends have to say, regardless of any lack and sense, and that solutions to problems might not be what you expect.  *sigh*  I've said this before, and I'll say it again.  Pinkie Pie is definitelyNotStupid.

"Okay, the Chazz is convinced.  Are you convinced?  You'd better be, or else I'm going to force you by dueling you!  And let me tell you.  There aren't that many who can just walk away from me with a smile."

So overall, this was a pretty dumb episode because it kind of ruins the whole point of this friendship thing in a way.  I mean, the six main characters are supposed to be friends with each other, and yet they still think Pinkie Pie is just too crazy and ditzy to pay any heed to or believe she's right about pretty much anything.  Well now, it's too little too late, so quite frankly...

...they deserve to have their homes wrecked.  Bye for now!

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