Thursday, July 19, 2012

Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Season 2 Episode 8

The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Scootaloo sets up a Rainbow Dash Fan Club in the same clubhouse used by the Cutie Mark Crusaders and already it seems to have picked up quite a few members.  Naturally, Scootaloo leads the club.
Oh, what's this?  Snips and Snails?  They're members too?  Gotta wonder what this series is coming to.
Well, it seems that Rainbow Dash is well aware of this fan club in existence and basks in the admiration the children give him... I mean, her.
That's when she hears a little filly crying for help from the bottom of a well.  Her instincts kick in and she saves the filly easily and quite a few ponies see her as some kind of hero now.  Here's what's puzzling.
Rainbow Dash is modest as first, but as she continues to pull heroic acts, she starts to milk it when she gains public attention.
So when trouble strikes again, suddenly a new hero appears to do the lifesaving instead of Rainbow Dash.
Naturally, as more trouble comes along, Rainbow gets jealous of all the praise and attention this "Mysterious Mare Do Well" receives and even she needs saving once.
Despite all the subtle hints that Rainbow Dash receives, that and they were the only denizens of Ponyville who were not simpleminded and noticed her basking behavior, even Pinkie Pie, she's far too fed up to catch on fast.  Hell, it even appears that the Rainbow Dash Fan Club closed up shop when cosplayers took on new costumes.

Oh, and does anyone remember Amethyst Star, the leader of the animal team from the episode "Winter Wrap Up"?  She finally gets a speaking role in this episode and she's voiced by Cathy Weseluck, who also voices Spike.

Amethyst Star: Aren't you milking this a bit?

Rainbow Dash soon comes to realize that she's no longer the hero she thought she was and gets kinda sad over it.
That's when Scootaloo invites her to the first welcome parade to honor the Mysterious Mare Do Well.  Rainbow Dash turns her down flat and first, but then decides this may be her only chance to figure out who could possibly outdo her.
This leads to a wild chase in the streets of Ponyville, where she realizes there's more than one.  She catches one of them, unmasks her, and to her surprise, it's Pinkie Pie.  And that's not all.
Another one shows up and unmasks herself as Twilight Sparkle.  Then a third one appears and exposes herself as Applejack.  It is then revealed that everything was a setup and each of Rainbow's friends had a part to play, with Fluttershy having the shortest role and Rarity having designed all the costumes.  Oh, and Pinkie using her senses from "Feeling Pinkie Keen" were brought back. 
They explain that while they love Rainbow Dash being a hero, she pretty lacked a couple of hero traits that were most important of all, a good lesson to learn for a future Wonderbolt.  But come on!  It's not likes she was turning into the next Syndrome from Disney's The Incredibles, who was more of a retard than an actual hero because he decided to turn to evil after his plans backfired and he never once grew up.  Besides, wasn't Rainbow modest at first? 
But she catches on to what her friends are saying quickly and decides to personally write a letter to Princess Celestia.  But since Spike was a step ahead of her, she tricks him and Pinkie Pie to get them out of her mane, while Twilight proceeds to help Rainbow Dash write her letter.  The end.

Fans, this episode is absolutely disgusting.  It's so outrageously despicable, so callously dreadful, so God-awful and so goddamn irritating.  Okay, Rainbow may have been milking the whole heroic business, but she was actually saving lives.  Her friends deceived her by plotting behind her back instead of talking to her first and then laughed at her when she was feeling jealous and humiliated.  Not to mention, no one else in Ponyville had a problem with what Dash was doing.  Just her five so-called best friends.  This episode is so retarded on so many levels, that there's only one thing I can say about the episode to sum it all up.

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