Friday, November 27, 2009

Mom! Phineas and Ferb are making a Podcast!

Actually, it's the co-creators of Phineas and Ferb, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, that have made the show's first ever podcast on iTunes. And in it, they discuss a special episode that they are really proud to have put together. That's right, it's the very first Phineas and Ferb Christmas special! Basically, they explain the plot, the length, and the number of songs all in this packed episode. Also, Dan and Swampy turn on their voice talents as they bring in the characters Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Major Monogram for their discussions. So fans, check out iTunes and if you have an account, go ahead and download it! Actually, the podcast is for free!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Star Riders band complete

Check it out! All those original characters I created and sketched are part of a rock band named "Star Riders" (a.k.a. "Seven Stars"). The band name might not be an original name, but my characters are. Looks like they're having fun! It's amazing that the power of music can change lives! Here are the band positions:

Shroud the Skunk - lead guitarist, lead vocalist, band frontman

Sonia Light - bassist (on occasions, she is a background vocalist and sometimes she'll perform solo, singing country music)

Flare the Dragon - bass guitarist

Bleon the Parasite - drummer (and he's darn got it covered!)

Gusty the Robin - background/backup/assistant vocalist

Kid the Raccoon - background/backup/assistant vocalist

Notice that Bow the Cat is not present. Although she is considered a member of the Star Riders, she is not seen with the band on stage and instead does solo dance performances. So get a good look at these freedom-fighting musicians ready to rock-and-roll their way into the future!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Xigbar pronounced "shig-bar"? As if!

Today, I'm briefly discussing something probably rather pointless. Throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, several of the Organization XIII members never have their names mentioned in cut scenes where players hear characters actually speak. These include Xigbar, Demyx, and Luxord, so we likely don't know how they're pronounced, but can make a good guess. So why would Xigbar be pronounced as "shig-bar"? One reason is that Marluxia was revealed in the English version of Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories to be pronounced as "mar-loo-sha", the "xi" being replaced with the sound "sh". This was also used in Xion's pronounciation ("she-on"), which was revealed in the July 2009 Nintendo Power magazine. So, why not Xigbar? Because it wouldn't make sense? Probably. We don't know anyway, so why don't we just pronounce it as "zig-bar" and call the whole thing off? This post is ridiculously pointless anyway...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What'cha doin'?

And for today's post, I will discuss something rather debatable. From the hit Disney television show Phineas and Ferb are the characters Phineas Flynn and Isabella Garcia-Shapiro. For those who are new to the show, it's basically about two stepbrothers, Phineas and Ferb, who attempt to make every day of summer vacation worthwhile by doing stuff that's normally nigh impossible for kids their age. But it's a cartoon, so anything is possible in that case! Anyways, up for discussion is the relationship between Phineas and his next-door neighbor, Isabella. When viewers were introduced to Isabella for the first time, she came into Phineas's backyard with hearts in her eyes and said her catchphrase "What'cha doin'?" in a rather flirtatious manner. This, at most obvious, meant that Isabella has a huge crush on Phineas, but he seems to be ignorant towards this. That's too bad, because she can get disappointed if she fails to catch his attention and even angry if Phineas gives someone or something a little more attention.

But I'm gonna assume that Isabella does care for Phineas. In the episode "One Good Scare Oughta Do It!", she gets the hiccups and Phineas builds a haunted house to scare them out. It doesn't work, probably because Phineas accompanies her the whole way through and gives her unwavering attention. But when Phineas nearly falls to his death, Isabella's hiccups are instantly gone and for this, it is believed that her deepest, darkest fear is losing Phineas, either if he dies or is simply not a part of her life. Imagine that as a girl's worst fear! Not spiders, not snakes, not any creepy creatures or anything that looks scary, but something that IS scary (note the fine line between the two).

However, in the episode "The Chronicles of Meap", Phineas built a device to detect cuteness to search for a lost alien. Despite Isabella's insistence, Phineas assures her that she wasn't causing an interference with the device because he had set it up to exclude her, apparently knowing she was too cute for it to handle. To prove it, he sets the device to normal and it gets short-circuited. You could say this is the biggest hint of them all that Phineas either indeed does notice Isabella or has a crush on her and seems to pretend that he likes Isabella only as a friend. In the episode "That Sinking Feeling", he invites her on a romantic cruise, but it turns out it was Baljeet and his childhood friend Mishti who were getting the romantic treatment instead. But when the ship sinks, the passengers board life preservers going down a water slide and Phineas offers Isabella a seat next to him and they both ride down together. Personally, I'm not sure that Phineas is fully understanding of what the term "romance" actually means. I think that Phineas would never do one single thing without his stepbrother and best friend Ferb. So dating Isabella would not likely be probable. But then again, we never know, do we? Let's just wait and see!

See? Look how happy they are!