Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scare Tactics

Six days ago, the Internet appeared to receive some news regarding the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Apparently, it claimed to confirm that there would be a Season 4, Twilight Sparkle would become an alicorn come the Season 3 finale and that beginning with Season 4, Ditzy Doo would be removed from the show entirely, never mind her absences in Season 3 already.  However, Meghan McCarthy implied that an ordinary Internet troll was behind everything, but tried to make it look convincing by pretending to be a staff member of the series.  Personally, I think what should have tipped us off was that this troll could have spoiled the ending of Season 3 and that anything in the season finale would not be given anyway this early, especially with the last four episodes yet to be revealed.  The troll also tried to make us believe that Hasbro would be pulling the strings behind the series when clearly it's never been the case, but with Lauren Faust no longer working on the show, things just haven't been more like Season 1, which was okay.  But then things started screwing up for seasons two and three with traces of fridge horror left behind and other issues.  Now I obviously don't care what happens to the series, but as far as I know, there's been no real word that there will be a Season 4, never mind that it's been said that DHX Media is getting paid to do one.

 As for Twilight Sparkle portrayed as alicorn...  Well, this overseas image is all we have of a possibility, regardless of the odds.  We see that Twilight has wings and that some of her body appears to be sparkling.  Now, if this just a sham or mistake, the question is why.  Why would Hasbro expose this?  The troll who likely gave bronies and pegasisters everywhere a good scare six days ago claimed that alicorn Twilight exists for the purpose of the true Hasbro - its toy merchandising.  Don't forget that Hasbro is a toy company and it gives other animation companies the legal rights to make TV shows, possibly because Hasbro gets to make money off of them.

As of now, the only factors towards even the slimmest chances of alicorn Twilight coming alive for the series is Celestia mentioning to Luna that by being the one to save the Crystal Empire, she is one step closer to "being ready" and of course that weird black book that Luna shows us from the end of "The Crystal Empire, Part 2".  But once again, only time will tell whether the thing that fans "fear" will come to pass or not.  That one troll gave fans quite the epic scare for a short while before being snuffed out by Meghan McCarthy.  Whether or not it rules out alicorn Twilight entirely has yet to be determined.  Now Season 3 does seem to have events that suggest the series itself is wrapping up, but I'm not convinced entirely for two reasons.  First and foremost, the Cutie Mark Crusaders haven't got their cutie marks and instead have opened the doors for writers such as Meghan McCarthy, Cindy Morrow, and Mitch Larson to come in and rape them simply because they're there and they don't have plans to make their dreams come true, cruel as it may sound.  Secondly, the episode "Magic Duel" was intended to be a Season 2 episode, meaning that Twilight making peace with Trixie would have happened earlier instead of at a point where it's possible the series could be winding down once and for all.

So by the time 2012 comes to an end, nine episodes of Season 3 will have come and gone with only four more to go, airing at some point in 2013, assuming the Hub isn't lazy or whatever.  Then again, if I know TV seasons, they're never exactly in any hurry to finish, which alone has the potent to irritate the crap out of viewers I should think.  I dub two words for this whole mess:  What next?

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