Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fluttershy VS. Discord 
It appears that Discord is definitely set to return in Season 3 to be featured in an upcoming episode, "Keep Calm and Flutter On".  While it sounds like a Fluttershy episode, the current synopsis claims that Princess Celestia has charged the Mane 6 with the task of reforming Discord, but not even Twilight Sparkle is willing to carry out this daunting task.  Gosh, if even Twilight Sparkle is willing to disobey Celestia for once, who can accomplish said task?  Well, there's only one pony of the Mane 6 who is willing to forgive Discord for all the chaos he ever caused and give him a second chance.  Fluttershy.  So this could potentially be Fluttershy's moment to shine in the entire series provided that she succeeds in befriending Discord.  But wait...  Wasn't he set to rob the Elements of Harmony once more, this time knowing that they are his weakness?  Fans will have to find out come January 19, 2013, the scheduled air date of this massive episode.  The plot is said not to be 100% confirmed, but Meghan McCarthy has not denied it either, instead planning to reveal the episode's original title and much lengthier plot while it was in production after the air date.  So maybe... just maybe...


  1. It's going around that Discord might actually be Starswirl the Bearded (and thus, that's why the Princesses sealed him away instead of killing him... because they thought there might be a chance he could reform).

    But given that this isn't a season finale, I think Fluttershy's attempts are ultimately going to fail. Or, if they do succeed, Discord will leave Equestria and might never be seen again. Regardless, if he's free he'll have to be severely power-reduced or something, since he's by far the most powerful being seen in the entire series up to now.

    But yeah, this will be an interesting episode to see. It's going to be weeks away though, since the show appears to be going in a hiatus after the new episode this weekend.

    1. Ah, it's barely a hiatus, my friend. The real "hiatus" may come after the new episode, though.

      Yeah, I heard something about that rumor, but now I'm wondering how in the hell that rumor ever got started. Discord was once Star Swirl the Bearded? That's like saying General Grievous was once Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, which of course he really wasn't. Just some guy who was resurrected as a cyborg. It's either that or it's not the Equestria way to kill beings. Technically, no one killed King Sombra. That just happened to happen when the Crystal Empire was restored.

      Even if there is a success, that leaves another door open for the season finale as to who the new antagonist could be. Maybe it'll be the one you hope for, Twilight Sparkle herself.

      But yeah, I hear what you're saying.

    2. Eh, I never said that I hoped that Twilight would go bad. I was talking about Trixie (back before Magic Duel ran), so I'm sorry if you thought that.

      But yeah, I think the villain for the finale is going to be someone not even introduced yet. They did it last season and it did work pretty well (well, minus all the other problems in those episodes, that is).

    3. My bad. I just thought you said it would be cool/interesting if Twilight did go to the dark side or something. If you ask me, I'd say Trixie isn't all that worthy of being an opening or ending villain.

      Chrysalis gave the game away right from the very beginning but because (God help me) everypony was being stupid, she almost won. That didn't mean Chrysalis was badass or has a lot of potent, never mind that she bested Celestia. It just meant that 50 episodes worth of friendship lessons went kaput.

      Oh, and there's the dystopian Ponyville to consider as well.

  2. dude yah my favorite bad guy how you come some other time my bros and sises love you