Sunday, October 14, 2012

X.A.N.A. Reborn
First it was said that a new series, or fifth season, of Code Lyoko known as Code Lyoko Evolution would be coming late 2012.  Next, it was said that this time around, it would be a live-action series, but still using CGI for the interior Supercomputer world of Lyoko.  This image is undeniable proof that it's going through as live-action.  But it looks as though a new warrior named Laura has joined the cast this time around.  The current plot of Code Lyoko Evolution is that the multi-agent program named X.A.N.A. has mysteriously been revived and is more powerful and dangerous than ever before.  The group now must find out who could have possibly brought back X.A.N.A. and why.  The series is currently set to air this November.  Old-time Codo Lyoko fans are in for a treat, I'm sure.

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