Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Always a Good Time for Ponies

Equestria Daily featured this music video in light of an official Season 3 announcement regarding the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Looks like it's coming this November... not that I care.  If the series doesn't improve, it's not worth waiting for.  After what potentially ruined the series, what could possibly make it better?


  1. I'm concerned that the quality of the new season is going to be much lower. It's also only going to be thirteen episodes which means the list will end up something like this:

    Two-part season opener (confirmed, two episodes)

    One episode focusing on each one of the six and Spike (seven episodes)

    Token CMC episode (confirmed, one episode)

    Filler episode of some kind, possibly a holiday one (one episode)

    Two-part season ender (two episodes)

    Also, with these new episodes the total episode count will add up to 65, which is also known as the death number that quite a few cartoon series seem to end at. So it's possible that the show may end here. It's not likely though, at least for now, due to all the attention it keeps getting (and the money it's making).

    King Sombra to me looks like he was pulled straight out of a fanfic (though to be fair, I can't really judge his character until the episode airs), and there's going to be more focus again on Cadence. Hopefully both of them will get some kind of backstory considering they're both Alicorns, and Celestia and Luna were supposed to be the only two but Hasbro keeps pulling more out of the woodwork. Meh.

    I hope there won't be too much pandering to the brony fanbase. The stink caused by the Derpy mess still hasn't fully cleared up and probably never will. I think the reason why background characters ultimately end up with much different canon names is because they don't want to cater to one group to the annoyance of others, and to prevent potential legal trouble from some jerks that would claim they made up the names and produce chat logs or art to prove it. This is why Doctor Whooves, Carrot Top and Sparkler became Time Turner, Golden Harvest and Amethyst Star.

    Personally, I don't care who is named what or if pet theories end up being disproven by new episodes. I just want to enjoy the show and its (non-insane) fandom, like I do with others. I just don't like being lumped into the "bronies"... bronies are to FiM what trekkies are to Star Trek... often the extreme parts of the fandom that make others that aren't just like them uncomfortable. I am not a brony or a trekkie but I do enjoy both series very much... does that make any sense?

    Nothing annoys me more in the series than the Cutie Mark Crusaders's Quest To Fail And Keep Failing.

    Episode four is going to be the Cutie Mark Crusaders episode. Please, PLEASE let at least ONE of them finally get the point and get her cutie mark. But no, this will likely just be another failure episode that'll ultimately end up being pointless in the end. Bouns points if there's another classmate created out of nowhere again for the sole purpose of getting his or her cutie mark.

    Come on. If Snips and Snails (the dumbest two kids in the school, as far as I can tell) could get their cutie marks why can't these three girls do it? The show is completely idiotic in the lengths that it will go to maintain the status quo. If the series *does* end after these new episodes, then there wouldn't be any closure which would make the entire CMC arc worthless.

    In SpongeBob SquarePants, SpongeBob will never get his driver's license. *Every* single episode with that plot is designed to have him fail spectacularly and for the audience to laugh at his cruel misfortune, and I feel like the same applies to the CMCs. Maybe Hasbro will surprise us somehow and actually have them *learn* something.

    1. Dude, where have you been all my life? Well, I wouldn't say the animation and quality is gonna get worse, my friend, but if it does, it'll balance the show a little more, but not in the way I hope.

      Actually, it is said that Season 3 is gonna shift its focus back to Twilight Sparkle, although Discord is said to be coming back as well.

      Yeah, I did hear episode 4 would feature the CMC, but I also heard rumors about a focus on Scootaloo and that her singing drastically improves.

      And finally, if the series comes to an end after 65 episodes... good riddance. I don't really care much for this series anyway. You're all right, ya know?

    2. Hey, thanks for replying! I've looked over your reviews for most of the episodes and I have to agree with most of them.

      By quality, I meant the content of the episodes themselves. Season 2's quality was (sometimes greatly) lower than Season 1, and I think this was chiefly because Lauren Faust no longer had the control she did before. If anything the animation seems to be bumped up a bit going by the previews of the new episodes I've seen.

      I like Scoot (well, aside from the times where she bickers on about cutie marks and doesn't get the point), and I really want an episode focused on her. The problem is that, unlike the other two CMCs, she doesn't have a mane six relative and nothing has even been said about her family or where she lives (which led to a deluge of angst-filled, orphan Scootaloo fanfics). She's pretty much a third wheel.

      I don't see how her singing gets any better when it's been shown that her talents are doing tricks with her scooter and dancing, and especially since singing (and song-writing) is Sweetie Belle's talent. I guess we'll see what the episode will end up being, but I'm not holding my breath.

      I think a good idea would be for one of them to get her cutie mark first and have to deal with now being different from the other two (but not really, they'd all realize at the end they're being stupid and should be happy that one of them got it). Scoot would be a good choice for this because a) she hasn't gotten her own episode yet and b) she's the LAST one anyone would expect given her impatience (mocking stories meant to help her as "namby-pamby").

      There's a few new images up at an article linked on EqD (the same ones you posted), along with the all but certain confirmation that Trixie is coming back and that she's a "villain"... well, let's hope she's brainwashed or something because if she went from being merely arrogant to a monster then... meh, forget it. She's Anti-Twilight and probably won't learn her lesson regardless if she's brainwashed or not.

      When it comes to Trixie, I think everyone actually likes "fanon-Trixie" and not the real thing. I like fanon-Trixie, with her long (and often sad) backstory who makes up with the mane six and saves the day, or at least doesn't act like a complete jerk to them anymore. Real-Trixie, on the other hand, wasn't shown to be anything more than an asshole who fled at the end instead of accepting punishment and trying to make amends. If I take my fanon-goggles off and just look at that *one* episode, then she's a despicable character and a coward and the fact she ran away at the end shows she'll probably be no different in any future appearances.

      Discord will probably be through a flashback because there's supposed to be some scenes about Celestia and Luna's past.

      As long as some things would be tied up then I'd be fine with the show ending at 65 episodes. The fact that this season was cut in half kind of makes me suspect that it might just be true, but on the other hand it might end up like SpongeBob and just keep going and going forever as long as it keeps raking in money. FiM is made for the bronies now despite what anyone may claim.

      Also, if you don't want to waste your time watching the premiere just look at the DVD cover for "Adventures in the Crystal Empire". I just *wonder* what the Crystal Heart is and how it's all going to end! Also, I don't know if it's just me or bad scaling but Cadence really seems to have grown too.

    3. It's my pleasure to reply.

      I worry with Lauren Faust no longer technically working with the show that the demographic is still gonna be totally off like the Season 2 finale in some way.

      What I've heard about Scootaloo is just a rumor or two, so I'm not sure, but yeah, she does need a bit of fixating on. To be honest, I think she's the least deserving of the CMC to get a cutie mark because in "Cutie Mark Chronicles", she doesn't 'get it'. That and she's being fussy about tender moments.

      Trixie's artwork was 'leaked', so I heard. The only reason she wouldn't change her ways is because fans pretty much made it happen. That and I think Jayson Thiessen's liking for Trixie isn't gonna change her ways in the slightest.

      Bringing back Shining Armor is personally not too thrilling because he said the meanest thing a sibling can say to another, and regardless of whether or not it was his free will or not, Twilight's friends agreeing with him is the real thing that brought shame to the series.

      The only reason I'm watching the series to begin with is to do these critiques because the show is kind of unbalanced with superior animation and everything else kinda questionable. So I'm secretly hoping Season 3 will be better, but at the same time I'm not counting on it. I don't even have cable TV anyway, so I can only see this shit on YouTube. Oh, if this series ends up like Spongebob, then we're gonna get gay stuff for real.

      I suspect Cadance herself is the Crystal Heart, but I can't be too sure. Because of all that the series has presented us with so far, I'm secretly rooting for King Sombra to give us one hell of a show.

      So the series is now made with only bronies in mind? Ah, crap. What's this world coming to?