Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rise and Fall of the Crystal Empire

Looks like an official air date for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 has been set in stone.  The date is Saturday, November 10, 2012, beginning at 10 a.m. with the anticipated two-part premiere episodes "The Crystal Empire", Parts 1 & 2.

Aw, no.  They brought back Shining Armor.  That bastard!  Why did he have to come back?

Well, I guess it couldn't be avoided, but anyways...  In about a little less than a month, excited fans and bronies get to uncover the mysteries surrounding the cursed empire of the north after a thousand-year absence (get a lot of those, don't we?) and I get to root for the new villain, King Sombra, to put on one hell of a show.  If he can't bring the series up to snuff, what can?


  1. I'm (more than) a little late in commenting here, but oh well.

    I've seen the 8-minute preview several times, and it actually doesn't tell much aside from giving more fuel to the "Alicorn Twilight" fan idea. Given that her character is already a blatant Sue it's not that far of a stretch that she'll "ascend" somewhere down the line. But like the last two-parter, it seems that Cadence and Shining Armor will be the two essential ones again and the rest will be reduced to "support". I hope not... isn't this show supposed to be about the "mane six"?

    Also, I've read a summary about the upcoming Trixie episode and it seems that she's become a bigger jerkass than ever and has likely turned irredeemably evil. I think this is a deliberate shot at all those "Redeemed Trixie" fics (a few of which are actually good!), just like how The Big Bang Theory likes to shoot down popular fan-theories in their episodes.

    Trixie isn't and has never meant to be anything more than an antagonist that the good guys have to overcome, just like Gilda and Diamond Tiara among others. This is still a children's show, after all, where things stay for the most part black and white and uncomplicated.

    I predict Trixie will be sent running again, in probably close to the exact same way. If so, let's hope she never shows up again.

    What's funny is that quite a few commenters are denying the summary as being false or inaccurate, while accepting other summaries for different episodes without much (if any) complaints. Sorry, but "Good Trixie" is a fanfic character and will stay that way.

    1. This does not sound good at all. If it teaches children that the world is black and white through these bad-behaved characters, then this series is gonna drop into an even further mess that could be irreversible. I wonder if Hasbro secretly detests fans and goes against their ideas and such. Or maybe the MLP:FiM staff just likes to shoot down the bronies after making episodes plainly for them. I should be thanking you for giving me some juice to continue pounding on this series because it's already headed for failure. Where's the "Friendship is Magic" in this? I tell you, the world is meant to be more gray than black and white. A good friend taught me that.

  2. Maybe we'll be surprised with the Trixie episode ("Magic Duel"), but going by the summary I very much doubt it. She comes back to Ponyville, defeats Twilight (probably by cheating somehow, since Twilight is near the Princesses in power and thus *can't* be defeated) and banishes her from Ponyville... seriously, what kind of crap is this? And wouldn't Twilight's friends and the rest of Ponyville have something to say about it? No, I bet it'll be a retread of the Flim-Flam brothers and Twilight will agree to stupid terms and have to honor them. But then Trixie will be exposed as a fraud (again) and be forced out of Ponyville (again).

    In real life, sometimes there are people that never learn anything and never change. This would be fine once in a while but it seems that almost every "evil" character in this series either never changes (most one-shot antagonists) or gradually gets worse (Diamond Tiara, Trixie). Seriously, if you're bad to start out with in this series you stay bad with very few exceptions, and the same goes for being good. And Trixie stewing in what I presume to be bitter hate against Twilight for *years* means she's probably never going to be "good". I still think, being a kid's show, that all these characters are examples of "how not to be", but the mane six and others get free passes despite showing assholish behavior every episode because they're the designated good guys.

    Eh, I'm sorry if I'm rambling but it seems that with every new bit of Season 3 info that I get a bit more sick reading / watching it. And there's a new clip up now with Shining Armor and Sombra as some kind of Smoke Monster. If he gets possessed or brainwashed (again) and nobody notices the obvious signs (again)... ugh, I really don't know what more I can say.

    1. Probably something to do with that amulet. It was because of it that created speculations of being in cahoots with King Sombra. Oh God, if you've seen all 49 of my critiques so far, you'll know that I thought the cider episode was the most pointless in the series.

      Yes, I know kinds of people who are black and white. Politicians and aristocrats, for example. Have you read "Cutie Bloom" yet? I think it'll be interesting to see how fans who've read it react to the episode "One Bad Apple", which is said to have even worse bullying to the CMC than ever before. Again, why? Haasn't the MLP:FiM staff tortured them enough? Bah...

      Oh, I'm perfectly fine with your rambling and I love to hear these opinions of yours. I honestly think we're in the same boat about the show. I do plan to do critiques on Season 3 whenever I have the time. Good lord, Shining Armor gets brainwashed again? Well, I'm sure King Sombra's gonna be more down-to-earth than Chrysalis, especially if he's all for reclaiming the Crystal Empire, with or without a pawn or two.

  3. If that picture with Trixie wearing that amulet is real, then it'll probably be one of those Power At A Terrible Cost things. Whether she's in her right mind or not during the episode will remain to be seen. I hope she's not just so she can have an excuse (and maybe, actually be redeemed somewhat in the end), but if she is then she'll have definitely crossed the line.

    I've looked over Cutie Bloom but, like many *many* other good stories on FimFiction, I need to actually sit down and read the entire thing through. The actual bullying episode will probably go something like this:

    - Some of Applejack's ten billion relatives come to visit for a while.
    - Babs is a blank flank, CMCs offer her to join but she refuses.
    - Not long after, Babs gets her cutie mark (yay, someone *else* just brought in out of nowhere gets theirs before any one of the Crusaders!) and rubs it in their faces. Diamond Tiara may or may not be present.
    - Babs doesn't only torment them but outright sabotages some of their "crusades" which injures at least one of them.
    - Babs is a saint around the adults so nobody believes the CMCs and everyone treats them like complete shit (see: Ponyville Confidential).
    - The CMCs come up with a plan which ultimately exposes Babs for the horrible pony she is and after this episode she's never seen again. Oh, and they still don't get their cutie marks.
    - It'll be primarily an Apple Bloom-focused episode. And I was really hoping for a Scootaloo one for once. Boo.

    I don't know if Shining Armor gets brainwashed again, but going by the newest clip I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe Sombra can't get into the Crystal Empire so he hitches a ride, so to speak, and will come out of Shining Armor at the end of Part I and go MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Maybe.

    1. Yeah, but clearly I like to think Hasbro is going against what the fans are expecting, especially since Jayson Thiessen likes the character Trixie.

      It'll be interesting to see if there are any reactions to the bullying episode for those who've read "Cutie Bloom".

      Yeah, if Applejack chooses not to believe her own sister and choose her bratty cousin instead, then we have a serious "Canterlot Wedding" problem.

      Yeah, I'll bet Scootaloo was just a rumor to build up excitement because for all I know, Hasbro may secretly like disappointing audiences.

      King Sombra really needs to start talking, though.