Wednesday, October 31, 2012

True Nightmare Night

So, now that Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, barely leaving a dent in the far reaches of the Northeast, the real frights can come on Halloween, right?  Wrong.  In comparison to just simply having a good scare and stuffing our faces with candy, what we faced a few days ago and what we're about to go up against after the votes of 2012 are in... well, let's just say that Halloween's Nightmare Night is nothing.  We've had our pre-Halloween fright in the form of a superstorm and for the cherry on top, our post-Halloween fright will be here momentarily when ol' Butt-ney takes over our country no thanks to the winner-takes-all electoral votes.  And you stupid Americans have no one to blame but yourselves when our country falls.  After all, who's making the stupid decisions to vote for this evil millionaire king who desires nothing more than to create a paradise for only rich and sophisticated snobs who could care less as we suck dirt beneath their heels.

Damn you, American citizens.  I hate your guts and I hope you suffer for what you've done to yourselves.

Oh, well.  I'll always enjoy the three episode saga "Field of Screams" from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, which for years has become my favorite Halloween pastime.  Until next year, good riddance American people.  Because of your foolish decisions to be naive and believe a power-hungry madman, I no longer care about what happens to any of you.  Begone from my sight, vile humans!

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