Monday, January 14, 2013

The Return of Alicorn Twilight

Looks like the alicorn version of Twilight that fans fear has popped up again in another merchandise item, this time a sticker book, based off the fourth generation of My Little Pony.  And here is its glorious image.

You know, I for one cannot possibly figure out why some fans are totally creeped out by Alicorn Twilight.  I mean, is it really that big of a deal?  Does her very presence spell ruination for the TV series?  Would her appearance mark the end of the series?  Is it only acceptable for her to appear during a series finale only?  Are four alicorns one too many?  I seriously don't get it, guys.  Come on.  What's the deal?  Please share.  Besides, in my personal opinion, I honestly don't think the series can get any worse than the horrid Season 2 finale, so Alicorn Twilight appearing has nothing on me.  Now before fans overreact, there's really two possibilities in light of this.  One, which may be a fan's worst-case scenario, Alicorn Twilight was planned by Hasbro right from the very beginning, given the symbolism of her cutie mark and the signs of a prophecy seen in the Season 3 premiere.  Or two, this might just be a mistake.  The latter is certainly not likely because if you remember, I showed you all that overseas image from before, which also shows Alicorn Twilight.  The former is no good fretting over.  What's planned is planned and if it means promoting merchandising for Hasbro, so be it.  Personally, I don't give a shit about all this and I've expressed more than enough times why this is.  But now, the real question is this.  Will Twilight Sparkle earn her wings?  Only time will tell, which may come sooner than we think...

So bronies, just shut up and quit whining.  Whatever happens has been decided.


  1. What I noticed right off the bat about that image is that she looks slightly taller, her horn is a bit longer and sharper, and her wings look more like Luna and Cadence's than regular pegasi. So it's not just Twilight's vector with wings lazily added, but it's odd for that image to be sandwiched with loads of "regular" ones.

    I really don't know what to think now about this if it turns out to be true (which I think it will), to be honest. The newest promo video drones on again about Twilight's "journey" with epic music playing in the background, so yeah. I'd hope that it'd be something for the end of the series only but I don't think it'd make much difference either way. Most of this season really hasn't been much about Twilight, and in some episodes she hasn't even appeared at all.

    The only episode whose info hasn't been revealed is the last one. There's the Discord and Fluttershy one, the CMCs/Spike and the Pets one (which, since this one was originally episode 8, means the chance of them getting their cutie marks is nil since Apple Family Reunion is right after it, but we all knew this anyway), and the Crystal Empire Olympics one (from what I gathered from the info, maybe). So if anything *is* going to happen it'll be in episode 13.

    Nobody ever thought there'd be a Scoot episode, let alone one where Rainbow Dash and her bond. But that turned out very well and ended up being one of the best episodes of the series, so everyone should just sit back in regards to this. The writers surprised us before and they may again.

    1. Well said, my friend. Then again, Episode 13 hasn't had any info revealed probably because we're not close enough to it like the others. Yeah, so much for the whole season revolving around Twilight and her so-called advanced studies. Of course, it was worth it for making Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash bond, so yeah, nothing in Season 3 has been better than that.