Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bye Bye Bronies

WARNING! SPOILERS! This post contains spoilers regarding the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode "Magical Mystery Cure".  View at your own risk, or try not to look for that matter, if you want to see the episode and find out for yourself what happens.

This just in tonight...  For some reason, the Hub has decided to reveal some three weeks early that Twilight Sparkle will indeed make the ascension to the rank of princess as hinted and predicted.  And as of now, as expected, the bronies and fans, who once loved and supported the series to no end, are now writhing in the most horrible state of upheaval, about ten times worse than the infamous Derpy controversy almost a year ago.  Quite frankly, it seems to me that the bronies have finally revealed their true colors at last.  They only care about the things they do and scorn the series when they seemingly steal their ideas.  Truthfully, this was all Hasbro's idea, so they could have this planned right from the very beginning, whether even Lauren Faust liked it or not.  The sad and unfair fact behind this is that these outraged bronies and fans are taking it all out on Lauren Faust when clearly she has no more ties with the show.  This whole series was pretty much based on the adventures she used to make up anyway, so you might say she got the staff started at least before leaving Seasons 2 and 3 in their hands.

I knew that deep down, these so-called bronies were never really fans to begin with.  Otherwise, they would have been pumped for this.  And clearly, the majority of them are not.  Well, if this really is the end of the brony community, guess what I say?  Good riddance.  The series was way better off without these kinds of so-called supporters who were practically pretending to love and tolerate this whole time.  I think the bronies forgot one thing, which I can now safely claim once more.  Hasbro is a toy company and the staff made this series to target young girls, not the bronies, and right now, with the bronies suffering immensely, it's fair to say that the original demographic is back on!  And now that this once popular community is plummeting into a downward spiral, I wish to pass on a message of thanks to Hasbro and the staff for 'driving the bronies away'.

Thank you, Mitch Larson, for writing the script of "Magical Mystery Cure".  I now completely and wholeheartedly forgive you for "Ponyville Confidential" and I apologize for any past outbursts against you.

Don't worry, Hasbro.  You didn't betray the bronies.  They betrayed you guys.


  1. The thing that irks me the most is the comments about how "the fanbase is going to die" and "the show will probably end after the next season"... do they realize that they're setting up a self-fulfilling prophecy with that attitude? *They* are going to kill the fandom and ultimately cancel the show, because if viewer numbers suddenly drop off steeply then Hasbro will probably pull the plug.

    Despite the target audience, Hasbro has made loads of money off of Bronydom and I suspect the show probably wouldn't have lasted this long if they hadn't. It would have ran one, maybe two seasons at most and then faded away into obscurity.

    That said... it's sad to see how quickly the fanbase turns against the show any time they don't get what they want. Back in 2007, I pretty much did the same thing for Futurama when Bender's Big Score came out because it didn't end up being *exactly* what I wanted. I realize now what an idiot I was and I'm glad that I didn't jump ship and stop watching entirely, because there's been some really good stuff lately. Season 4 of FiM, for all we know, might have some of the best episodes yet and I'm not going to stop watching it just because of this.

    Alicorn Twilight was pretty much expected quite some time ago. Now, if there'd be an ad or image showing one of the Crusaders getting her cutie mark *then* I would really be surprised.

    1. Is there really more solid proof that a Season 4 of MLP:FiM even exists? Please, share. After all, as fun as Alicorn Twilight sounds, I really wanna know how much longer I gotta keep at these critiques. After all, the starting drive was because of how horrible the Season 2 finale was, and Alicorn Twilight along with "Sleepless in Ponyville" are practically the only things that drastically improved the series, yet in my eyes it didn't make up for the Season 2 finale.

      So what you and I are saying is that the bronies themselves are gonna ruin their own fandom and not Hasbro. But this way, we've seen the true colors of these bronies. When one thing just doesn't go their way, they launch a riot. This is something I thought would happen right from the very beginning.

      Didn't Futurama end up getting cancelled or something? And if so, did it come back somehow?

    2. Supposedly there's financial documents that mention funding for seasons 2-4, and in a recent interview lately M.A. Larson mentioned something in response to a question about it being a good idea for a "future episode". So yeah, I think there's going to be another season. But with the way the finale is going to end, especially given the newer synopsis today (that Twilight's Princesshood is bestowed on her because of the new magic she writes), it really does look like the series could potentially end at this point.

      The document mentioned above is here: http://investorrelations.dhxmedia.com/docs/investorrelations/Financials_and_MDA/MDA_-_English_10_1_12.pdf

      I do find it very odd that at this point there's still no concrete mention of a season 4. We're just all assuming there will be, but what if there's really not and this is the end? I'm not trying to be paranoid, but this season we've had:

      - A Trixie episode and her "redemption"
      - A Discord episode and his "redemption"
      - A Scootaloo episode where she bonds with Rainbow Dash
      - Rainbow Dash starting to realize her dreams of becoming a Wonderbolt
      - Twilight ascending to Princesshood

      Really, this doesn't tie up every single loose end in the series by far (the CMCs, anyone?) but it seems like they tried to cram a lot into just thirteen episodes, like they were told that the show might be over soon.

      Futurama is a pretty odd case of being canceled, brought back, canceled again and then brought back again. It first ran from 1999-2003, then was revived from 2007-2009 in four feature-length movies, and was then revived once more (on another network) from 2010 to the present. All in all, the first run was the best, the movies were for the most part mediocre to average (depending on which one), and the new run since 2010 started off kind of weak but it's since gotten much better (but still not to the degree of the old episodes, and probably never will).

    3. I honestly don't see how a simple document could potentially mean a definite chance of Season 4. That's the only thing we've had so far, but yeah, no real visible signs.

      Don't worry, I don't think you're paranoid at all, but many of the bronies are, it seems. And I've said this numerous times, I don't care what happens to the show. If we get a "The End"/"Fin" at the end of Season 3 Episode 13, there's our answer. And if that happened, we brace our ears for the sound of crying bronies everywhere. So this show might end. Big deal. There are stil the comics and Twilight isn't an alicorn in any of the issues so far.

      Yeah, if the series really was ending, the least that the staff could have done was try to write in the CMC getting their cutie marks to make all the trouble and pain they went through worth it.

    4. I missed this until a day or two ago:


      Yes, Entertainment Weekly interviewed Sethisto over the whole Twilight fiasco. That sizzling you just heard was your brain frying. I mean, SERIOUSLY? They had to post a follow-up article about adults whining about a cartoon?

      By the looks of the final episode and the preview screenshots I've seen so far (one of which appears that Rainbow Dash switched places with Fluttershy), the whole coronation will probably only be the final five minutes if even that. That shot above of Twilight sitting on a throne might even be one of the last of the episode before it fades to black.

      The only thing I'm really concerned about (that is, if the show doesn't end here) is that the next season will turn into the Twilight Show and that she will be so special as to drown out everyone else. In a post I read, a comparison was made to Sailor Moon and how she kept growing in power and importance more and more as time went on to the point where everyone else was basically useless, and I do hope this doesn't happen here. It probably won't, though.

    5. I know, I was surprised that the big upset for bronies even made an Internet article.

      It's either that or half the episode is the plot, problem, and solution and the other half is Twilight's coronation, assuming this episode is 22 minutes like the others and not a 45-minute special like the first Phineas and Ferb Christmas special (33 minutes by technicality). Changing destinies may have ties to the dystopian Ponyville, assuming that's still on.

      In my opinion, there's practically little to no point for the show to go on much longer after this, what with Twilight's journey coming to a close. And your worries about Twilight are what practically every brony is worried about as well. But Twilight is THE central character of the show, so if anything she would at least get all the air time she was meant to have for Season 3.