Friday, January 18, 2013

A Date With Destiny

It's possible!
Impossible things are happening every day!

What?  You don't know the song from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella?  But seriously, let's get to the point.  On February 16th, 2013, the Season 3 finale has been scheduled to air on the Hub network.  And, apparently as many bronies have feared for some crazy reason, it looks as though Twilight is definitely becoming a princess for real... complete with wings and an alicorn appearance?  Well, that still has yet to be determined, but now it's 20% more likely than ever (God help me).  Now what I still don't understand is why this spectacular-sounding event could possibly destroy the entire brony community and thus drive away all its older fans.  They were so loyal to the series for so long and now this one event is threatening to destroy the entire series?  Personally, I thought the series was ruined because of the Season 2 finale anyway and that nothing, not even this, would make up for it.  Well, so much for the vast majority of Season 3 revolving around Twilight, but in any case, we all should have seen this coming since the very beginning of Season 3.  To top this all off, Mitch Larson has written the script for "Magical Mystery Cure", the name of the episode, so I guess maybe now I can forgive him for "Ponyville Confidential".  After all, he's gonna get a day in the sun for this.

"At last...  The sun, moon, and stars will finally be united.  And soon, the Crimson Dragon will awaken, and I will able to feel its power once more!  Finally, the prophecy is being fulfilled and the fruition of my ambitions will come to pass.  After seventeen years... the time has come!"


  1. Yeah, I don't really understand the fear either. I mean, yes this would change the show dramatically, but "ruin the show"? If some people actually think that then they're not quite as big fans as they make themselves out to be.

    I'm more interested in the new episode tomorrow. Regardless of how it goes, I don't think Discord is going to be sticking around. I just hope they don't have Fluttershy being wrong and everyone else all "we were right he couldn't be trusted".

    1. If that's the case, then maybe the whole brony community was a farce to begin with. You're absolutely right that they might not really be fans at all.

      Only reason we don't want Fluttershy to be wrong is because we don't want her to suffer like Rainbow and Twilight did before her.

  2. It seems the final episode will be called "Magical Mystery Cure" and it involves Twilight using magic to switch cutie marks and destinies, and having to write her own magic to undo it.


    Aside from sounding like every "Twilight does a spell and it goes wrong" fanfic in existence, doesn't this contradict basically everything said about cutie marks before? I thought they were supposed to be an outward sign of something that a pony already has, but this makes it sound like that the destiny/talent is actually *in* the cutie mark itself and that it has to be *earned*. But how is anyone supposed to figure out what they're good at if they have no talent at it before getting the cutie mark?

    Of course, this probably only switches between ponies that actually have cutie marks, so even temporarily the CMCs are still out of luck.

    1. Yeah, and now those bronies are relieved into thinking that this "Princess Coronation" ain't gonna happen. But how can that be? The Hub clearly promoted it, right?

      Right, it's true that what's been said about cutie marks so far doesn't make any sense in light of the episode's plot.

      And the CMC will only be out of luck if they don't get their cutie marks by the time this rolls around. "Just For Sidekicks" may be their final stand, but even then, those damn writers are probably just gonna screw them over for the umpteenth time.

    2. The mystery DVD title (which is going to be released at the end of April) is revealed to be "Twilight Sparkle Princess".

      Of course, at EqD this has already triggered a shitstorm of RUINED FOREVER and WILL NOT WATCH ANYMORE comments, despite the contents of the DVD not actually being known. There is supposedly a "movie" already completed that's set to be released straight to DVD and this might be it, or it's going to be another one of those five-episode collections focusing on Twilight that will end with Magical Mystery Cure.

      I think everyone forgets this is still a show geared towards little kids, and when the age 20+ male audience doesn't get what they want they freak out. Do I think Alicorn Twilight is a mistake? Yes, most likely (unless it's done very well), but there's nothing I can do about it and whining just wastes time and frankly is pretty dang creepy.

    3. Oh, so even you're not crazy about Alicorn Twilight. But yeah, I think the real shitstorm is the flood of comments spouting negative responses. I don't think there's gonna be a movie at all. This DVD might just have a few episodes instead, including the Season 3 finale.

      Personally, I kinda like the concept of Alicorn Twilight, but I don't care how the series turned out because I thought it was ruined already thanks to the despised Season 2 finale.