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Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Top 10 Characters

In light of all that has happened so far, it's time for me to discuss the top 10 characters in the series who in personal opinion made the biggest differences in either keeping the episodes afloat or making them downright dull.  Standing out in personal interests, I will now go over as briefly as I can how these ten characters from the first two seasons of My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic made the difference, from worst to best.

10.  Princess Celestia
I know you're probably gonna wonder why I didn't pick Diamond Tiara, Chrysalis, Flim and Flam, Trixie, or even Gilda.  But I chose Princess Celestia for a good reason as the worst character in the series of all time, at least as far as the first two seasons go.  Before I get to that, however, there's a few things I wanna go over that I've been relatively curious about.  This being that some breed of Internet users give her these weird aliases known as Trollestia or even Molestia, and some even think of her as a tyrant.  It's actually kind of interesting for me to ponder on, mainly because I myself don't know how this all started.  First of all, who are these users trying to kill Celestia's image?  Are they in fact bronies, whose true colors that I like to believe are taking advantage of Rule 34 and poke fun at gay communities?  Or are they just Internet trolls themselves?  In personal opinion, it seems to me that bronies truly exist to be naughty and only pretend to be fans of the show, whereas their true communities exist to use Rule 34 to their advantage and do shit like this.  So I gotta ask this.  What in the world possibly drove bronies or any group of insane Internet users to spam stuff suggesting that Celestia is not who she's cracked up to be?  I even recall a group known as this "Solar Empire" existing with its opposite counterpart, "New Lunar Republic" as a Star Wars parody suggesting that Celestia might be evil and her sister Princess Luna is the better royal sister.  Now, I'm going to go over three possible theories as to why I believe this Celestia crap came to be.  Here's the first one.

Discord: It's quite lonely being encased in stone, but you wouldn't know that, would you, because I don't turn ponies into stone.

And of course since there just happens to be other stone figures of ponies in the Canterlot sculpture garden, for some odd reason it might be speculated that none of them are actually sculptures at all.  Odd, really.

Now the second theory exists because of the events of the episode "Lesson Zero".  Personally, there's not a chance in hell that Celestia should be hated because of her scolding Twilight Sparkle in the episode.  I mean, Twilight did bring her own actions upon herself that time, so she has no one to blame but herself.  That much is straightforward.

The third theory is probably more credible than the other two and it exists because of the events from Part 1 of "A Canterlot Wedding".  When Twilight bursts into the chapel and correctly assumed the fake Cadance was evil, everyone else thought she was just being extremely vindictive for no apparent reason and even Celestia lost faith in her.  This, if anything, was the liable breaking point because if we think about everything Celestia has done so far, it makes quite a lot of sense.  She's nice to just about everyone, she's calm and collected most of the time, she's generally respectable, and she had personally taken Twilight under her wing as her protege at her special school.  But even she didn't sympathize with Twilight after her brother practically disowned her at his wedding rehearsal, leaving Twilight all but emotionally broken.  Nothing can ever justify that, not even all the good things she ever did in her immortal life.  It's like building up such high hopes for something and then having it all come crashing down into a million pieces.  We all know how much that hurts.

Here's an example.  On deviantART, the user PuddingAlexThompson personally rated Celestia as the ninth most hated character of all time from a list of ten, stating the following:

When I first saw the show, Celestia wasn't my favorite princess but I had respect for her. However in the Royal Canterlot Wedding episode, when she didn't believe Twilight, her faithful student, I lost all respect for her. And at the end when she said "It's always good to trust your instincts", I was like "WELL WHERE WAS THAT IN THE LAST EPISODE YOU FREAKIN HYPOCRITE!" 

The same user rated Silver Spoon as seventh most hated and Diamond Tiara as sixth, meaning they are hated more than Celestia, and stated this regarding Diamond Tiara:

Here's a filly you just wanna punch in the face. Diamond Tiara not only tries to make Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle's lives a living hell but in the episode, Ponyville Confidential, she was the one that made everyone in Ponyville hate Apllebloom and her friends. AND SHE PUSHED DINKY! THAT LITTLE BITCH!

So even though it's fair to say Diamond Tiara is technically dangerous, the real reason I don't personally find her the worst character in the series is because those who start out mean and jerky never actually surprise us with their schemes.  So she's what many of us would come to expect from her to be honest.  Celestia is different because she's like the last character we would ever expect to make anyone sad, especially Twilight.  And it happened.  So there you have it.  In personal opinion, I find Princess Celestia, the god-like figure throughout all of Equestria, the worst character in the entire series.  Mind you, this does not mean you're gonna find me one of those dumb bronies or whoever calling her a troll, naming her Molestia, or anything ridiculously shitty.  I don't even like the series all that much, so why would I waste my time doing that kind of garbage?

9.  Rainbow Dash
No, this isn't some kind of cruel joke.  Rainbow Dash stands at number 9.  Thankfully though, it's at this point where the characters become mediocre and enjoyable, so Rainbow Dash actually makes the bottom of that list and really isn't all that terrible.  She's basically a tomboy who dances with ego and in the episode "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", her friends ultimately tried to change her ways.  Now it seems that some fans actually hated the episode mainly because Rainbow's character flaws are a part of who she is and really just can't be changed.  We've known this since the first episode, so all Rainbow's friends really did was do the great service of humiliating the living hell out of her.  I mean, did they not know a thing about her own past?  She was tormented by bullies even as a filly, and although she fought fire with fire, I'm willing to bet that deep down, Rainbow Dash is still afraid of failing, being of no use to anyone, and of course being alone.  Truthfully, I can relate to that.  And to be brutally honest, that's pretty much all her friends really did to her.  The deviantART user Yuki-Orin created a comic entitled "Alone", which is basically an alternate ending to "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", in which Rainbow Dash is unable to cope with her friends having posed as the masked hero and believes she's not worthy of being friends with them.  But she later seems to sacrifice herself to save her friends and after waking up in the hospital, she forgives her friends because she just couldn't abandon them no matter what.  It's much more heartwarming than the episode itself if you ask me.  But there are some users who actually hate Rainbow Dash because of the episode, which is difficult to understand why, considering we've been aware of her flaws since the very beginning and trying to change who she is pretty much defies realism.  To think, I had nothing to say about the episode myself when I did the critique on it.  So above all, Rainbow Dash can still be counted on, more than one would ever know, but then she soaked the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the episode "Ponyville Confidential", so for that, she's number 9 of my top 10.

8.  Fancypants
I pretty much already explained in an earlier critique why this guy's here.  He's definitely the most charming character in the series, he holds respect for the middle class as he sees Rarity's friends being themselves, and he's positively influential.  Seriously, why is this guy not married?  Well, that was never made clear anyway.

7.  Sweetie Belle
Ah, the lovely young singer who just tugs at your heartstrings.  Sweetie Belle's only real flaw is that she has yet to discover that singing is her special talent, probably because of her stage fright.  Her relationship with Rarity started out on shaky grounds because try as she might to help out, she inadvertently would cause more harm than good.  But after the episode "Sisterhooves Social", their relationship becomes smooth and easygoing.  Sweetie Belle really does have a beautiful singing voice, graciously provided by the talented Michelle Creber, but she doesn't technically know it because if she did, she would have discovered it as her special talent right from the very beginning.  Personally, I think she is the most deserving of the three Cutie Mark Crusaders of her cutie mark with Apple Bloom a close second.

6.  Young Fluttershy
For some reason, fans seem to find Fluttershy as a filly way cuter than her current appearance, if not the cutest filly of the six main characters.  Andrea Libman still provides her talking and singing voices and because of that, Fluttershy had a great singing voice even back then as a filly.  Cute!

5.  Twilight Sparkle
Being the most prominent character in the series and highly skeptical of anything that seems out of place, Twilight Sparkle is neither great nor horrible.  For everything she's been through, for how everyone (including her friends) treated her, she gets the happy medium as number 5 of my top 10.

4.  Pipsqueak
He's a nice little guy, he really is.  Pipsqueak started out as the guest character in the episode "Luna Eclipsed" and later becomes more prominent, as he is the one who helps convince Princess Luna that Nightmare Night is meant to be a celebration full of good scares and harmless pranks.  And of course, he's the one who gives Luna a hug on her leg after calling her his favorite princess.  Because of him, Luna gets the beginnings of her recognition she deserves.  The little guy's really got heart!

3.  Pinkie Pie
She seemed to be overly talkative and hyperactive at first, but it turns out her intentions are among the best in the series, in which she loves to make others smile and shares her good cheer with her friends.  It's amazing that she knows everything about everyone in Ponyville, but what's really to like about her is her incredible sense of optimism.  And the funniest thing about her is her strange ability to defy logic in just about any form.  She is basically the definition of random incarnate.  She'll forever be high on my top 10 list because she sang what I think is the best song in the whole series, "Smile Song" from the episode "A Friend in Deed".  Kudos to Shannon Chan-kent for bringing this awesome song to life!

2.  Princess Luna
Ever since the pilot episodes, Luna has been seriously overlooked, and I mean really.  Add on that she gets an appearance change for her return in Season 2 in which her mane and tail animate the same way that Celestia's do.  Well, she wasn't there when everyone was mean to Twilight Sparkle and she's certainly not the jerk princess.  Definitely the better of the two from my point of view because she obviously deserves better, especially after an absence for a millennium.  I sure as hell hope she gains her place in her rightfully deserved spotlight come Season 3.

1.  Applejack
She's likable, she's remarkably strong, and she's Ponyville's best athlete and cook.  She's practically more than well-rounded in every category of can-do in Ponyville.  Applejack is the stylish cowgirl and has proven her own loyalty time and time again, always ready to help out those in need.  That's what she does.  My only question is why she hasn't sung a solo yet, particularly any form of country music.  Oh, and Rainbow Dash hasn't done a solo either.  Well, as far as I know, Applejack has only really screwed up twice in the series so far.  In "Ponyville Confidential", had she and Big Macintosh stayed mad at her own sister Apple Bloom any longer, they probably would have disowned her.  That and they really didn't see the light of being no better than what the Cutie Mark Crusaders inadvertently started that day.  In Part 1 of "A Canterlot Wedding", not only does she accuse Twilight of being overprotective of her brother, but she's the one to suggest that all of Twilight's friends forget about her and check up on the phony princess.

You know, the whole series may be screwed over because of the wedding rehearsal incident, so it's actually a wonder I even have a top 10 at all.  Hell, I still wonder from time to time if Twilight's friends are for real.  So, all you bronies can keep your dumb ponies, but I'd just as soon stick with my smart and brave Pokémon any day.

Will the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally earn their cutie marks?
Will Rainbow Dash join the Wonderbolts?

The answers to be revealed in My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic Season 3!

"Hmph.  Yeah, right."

...I still want Pokémon Black...

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