Monday, December 12, 2011

Tough Love

It's hard to be an older sibling when the little one gets all the attention. And that's exactly what happens to poor Cera in The Land Before Time XII: Great Day of the Flyers. It seems her family problems span over the course of two movies, so she must have been suffering. First, Tria came into the picture, and then she and Topps, Cera's father, became mates and had an egg. When Tricia finally hatches, she gets much of her family's love and attention, as Cera had worried. There was a similar back story in a Simpsons episode in which a flashback scene shows Bart getting jealous of all the attention his newborn sister Lisa gets from his parents. But one thing changes all that for both instances. Both Tricia and Lisa speak their first words, which happen to be the names of their older siblings. Lisa toddled into Bart's room and says her first word, "Bart", right to him. After Cera saves Tricia from falling to her almost certain death, she says her first word, "Cera" (pronounced as "Cewa" because she's still a baby) to her, much to the excitement of Cera and her parents. Nothing special in this post here. Just a little something to share some family love and point some interesting similarities. Actually, I haven't found a synopsis on The Land Before Time XII: Great Day of the Flyers anywhere on the Internet yet, not even Wikipedia. What gives? Will I have to see that movie myself?

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