Friday, December 16, 2011

I So Don't Get This. Enough, People.

Look here, I know well enough that love and flings are present in just about any form of fiction one way or another, maybe not, but as far as the Disney Junior show Little Einsteins goes, I have to say these crazy Internet users have gone too far. Current entries on Wikipedia pages are now claiming that the characters Leo and June have crushes on each other and I'm afraid I'm not convinced. Similar claims also mention Leo is the leader of the Little Einsteins. Okay, sure. That's not a bad thing to list if Leo has shown leadership skills. I wouldn't know because I haven't seen the show myself, just various clips here and there. But I seriously think Wikipedia editors should draw the line at the prospect of Leo and June having crushes on each other. Little Einsteins is not that kind of show at all, so if there's any flings, they should be saved for a full Disney film. Now, unless any of you users out there can prove me wrong on this, which I seriously doubt you will, as far as I'm concerned I'm dissing this would-be "couple". Good day.

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