Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Word Called "Hope"

How many of you people still got that memorized, huh? The state of Maine had some recent election results in for the senate chair and as it turns out, it's a Democrat for a Democrat. Also, a budget has been passed to push even more money towards the schools of South Portland. Whoever wanted people to vote against that obviously thinks 2 million would slip down the drain and was totally against education. Well, need I remind any of you Republican lovers and no-goody-shoes out there. EDUCATION IS OUR NUMBER ONE!!! NUM-BER ONE!!!! GET THAT MEMORIZED!!!! If you wanna cut back on education just for the sake of trying to get the economy fixed, don't forget who got us here in the first place. That's right, the evil Republicans did, so stop your whining. Education may be costly, but if our children don't get their worth, the whole damn country pays the price for ignorance if you know what I mean. With the voting results in for Maine, there's still hope, so I'd start cheering if I were you. Get outta town, Republican lovers!

As long as I exist
There's hope for the world
Hope for the world

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