Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Resistance is Epic!

Brace yourselves, fans! It's Phineas and Ferb as you've never seen before as alliances kick into high gear to save two worlds from dual domination! And as the movie prepares to make its debut on television as well as a DVD release set for late August, we prepare for questions galore. Firstly, it is believed that Candace is still trying to bust her brothers despite many episode events that should have told her otherwise, but based on the deleted song "Mysterious Force", I guess it's really no surprise. Secondly, based on movie footage, it seems that only alternate versions of Phineas, Ferb, and Candace are seen as members of this resistance despite alternate versions of Buford and Baljeet being seen, so they're either a ruse or have been scrapped from the movie's final version. Thirdly, to answer a fan's question at the Comic Con 2010, Dan and Swampy mentioned waiting for the movie regarding Phineas and Isabella's relationship, but again, based on movie footage, it could have also been a ruse just to get fans off their backs regarding those kids. But...would Dan and Swampy really do that? Because based on the current movie footage, I'm afraid I'm not convinced. Sure, a lot can happen in 77 minutes, but...not enough really. Besides, I'm now assuming all that butt-kicking action is gonna take over everything else. Maybe we really have to wait and see. And hopefully, any commercials, previews, and stuff won't spoil anything like the last two specials. But will saving the world have to be kept a secret like in Monster Buster Club and Code Lyoko? Chances are, maybe the whole thing will get covered up before Linda sees what happens and Candace fails for the umpteenth time. 77 minutes of Phineas and Ferb all leading up to what could be an epic conclusion. Now all we need is a solid air date.

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