Sunday, March 13, 2011

MSN TV Reveals New Phineas and Ferb Episodes...

...Or so it is claimed. Yeah, the MSN TV website has revealed names and air dates for three new Phineas and Ferb episodes. According to their sources, the pair of "The Belly and the Beast" and "Moon Farm" as well as "Phineas's Birthday Clip-o-Rama!" have been claimed to air at the end of April. Now, first of all, who or what is MSN to declare this sort of thing? Secondly, how could the episode regarding Phineas' birthday come to air so soon when some couple of months ago, it was still in production and Tabitha Comstock only just recorded a voice for a new character? Thirdly, how can these air dates be correct when Disney Channel usually doesn't air new episodes two days in a row like that? And fourthly, MSN TV doesn't seem to have any other proof to back up their claims. I think this ought to prove that the MSN TV website doesn't have a clue what it's doing and it's just making up a bunch of fibs. I'll believe the truth only when I see it for myself. There's gotta be a more trustworthy source.

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