Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aporia vs. Ferbeas

"Hey, this is Aporia from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. You fans remember me, don't you? Some call me the most evil villain of all time, but I think others have done worse. Anyways, I'm here to discuss what you guys call Phineas and Ferb, that television show that became popular since its debut in 2007. I'm not here to argue a case, but I am here to question the kick-starting episode of Season 3, "Canderemy". At least, I think it was called that. Fan shippers would have hoped that Candace and Jeremy would start dating in that episode, but it looks like a so-called better idea took place. The good Dr. Doofenshmirtz invented a Combine-inator to combine his favorite childhood things, which turned out not in his favor, but when he and his nemesis, Agent P, faced off... well, those of you who watch the show are probably familiar with what happens. The invention goes awry during their fight, it always does, thus the Combine-inator fuses Candace and Jeremy at the hips. And that's not all. Doof combines with his robotic assistant, Norm on purpose, calling himself "Normenshmirtz", to counteract Agent P, who later gets fused with Doof's toolbox. And finally... the satellite, charged with Combine-inator energy, fires upon Phineas and Ferb, creating... this..."

"I-it's disturbing! S-see?! Even I can't bear the sight of it! Possibly the most horrifying thing since Synchro Monsters destroyed my world! But take a look at me! I am the combined form of three people, those being Lester, Primo, and Jakob, and I came out clean when I made my debut! And I thought Professor Monkey-for-a-Head was fodder! And why... why was that ignorant Phineas unfazed?! For the sakes of the good people behind the show, Season 3 should hopefully come out a lot cleaner as the episodes progress. For the record, I looked better, and of course a whole lot more handsome."

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