Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Really Don't Hate Candace

I take back the things I said
'Cause it was foolish just to start
I should have guessed that nothing
Could have driven things apart
Now I've heard these things for myself
So I'm speaking from the heart
That I really don't hate Candace

She could have busted the birthday boy
But instead she gained control
Her nerves were always saying
Responsibility's her role
But being high-strung as she is
Busting's still her favorite goal
But I really don't hate Candace

Now I'm back to square one not holding an ambivalence
I can forgive her for this incident believing her lack of sense that made me tense

So there you have it, Candace isn't evil after all
Because she pulled herself together so there never was a brawl
Good work, Dan and Swampy for showing that she had not the gall
Now I really don't hate Candace

Ah, what the heck. Kick line!

No, I really, no I really don't hate Candace
I have no intense burning indifference

Any questions?

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