Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Comes Alive

Yeah, I know, it's a tad too early to discuss, but then again, can't go wrong with Phineas and Ferb now, can we? In last year's first podcast, Dan and Swampy mentioned that their Christmas special would definitely be played on more Christmas seasons than its first. This year is no exception, but now it is said that a new extended version is popping up, which includes an eighth song, "What Does He Want?", that was originally deleted due to time constraints. It is sung by Candace as she tries to figure out what Jeremy wants for Christmas, despite that she already got him a silver guitar, but there you are. That's Candace for you, fans! Also, rumor has it that classic Christmas carols sung by the cast of Phineas and Ferb from the Holiday Favorites soundtrack are to be featured as well, and the episode is to be known as "A Very Perry Christmas", sharing the DVD title. So, what is this? If this is true, which special will be featured Christmas 2011? The original? The extended version? Both? In any case, the mysteries behind the extended version are likely to be revealed early this December, as the air dates are scheduled as the 3rd for Disney Channel and the 4th for Disney XD. That's cool, I can wait...

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