Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Season 4 Episodes 25 & 26 - Act II

WARNING! This post contains explicit content.  It is advised not to proceed unless you are an adult and you really, really mean it.  If you don't want to take me seriously, fine.  But I cannot be responsible for any offense.

So once Discord finally caught on that his ex-friends had been using him right from Day 1, he goes back to his evil ways (yay) and rounds up all the straggling unicorns to put in the meat grinder.  Or rather, have the big, bad Lord Tirek quite literally magically appear for his next feast.

This whole thing is just as believable as the "love and tolerate" that bronies spew from their lying shit-ass pie holes!  Now there's way more things wrong with this and pretty much everything I've pointed out so far, but even with this hell of a review, I can't go on it forever.  So to move on, we find out that Tirek apparently gains enough strength to go after the Pegasus race and the earth ponies, stripping them of their flight and strength respectively.
Sound like some fan-made villain here?  Eh, it's just a coincidence.  Get over it.  Besides, even that villain was better than this shit!

With all three pony races incapacitated, it pretty much means no weather, no harvesting, no magic, no nothing.  Now how the fuck does that work?  Is nothing natural in Equestria?  Am I honestly expected to believe that magic is needed to raise the sun and moon when clearly our fucking planet rotates around the sun and the moon rotates around our fucking planet?!  It's bad enough that this show has no logic, but the way Tirek keeps up with his scheme, assuming the bat-shit crazy logic of Equestria still applies, eventually he's gonna have nothing left to rule over, except a barren wasteland.  Think about it.  Without anything, all the ponies would die eventually and he can't manipulate them to do his bidding.  All he would be left with is his own power and greed with nothing else.  How nonsensical is that?

I also recall that the Everfree Forest seems to be the one thing that actually has the proper logic of nature applied.  Back in the episode "Bridle Gossip", it's mentioned that plants grow on their own and animals fend and forage for themselves, clouds move on their own (seriously, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash have the gall to say that's unnatural?), and the fact that Zecora lives there spooked the fuck out of the Ponyville denizens.  With the Everfree Forest bending to nature being considered scary, that also just has no rhyme or reason.  You know what I think?  When the writers decided to apply Equestrian logic, I don't think they thought everything through, especially coming up with bull-fuck like this.  I know this series is meant for kids, but it just seems to be testing what little intelligence these writers think they have.  Kids learn about the fucking solar system in their early years of school and our planet is NOT the center of the fucking universe!  Does the staff honestly care so little and think kids are stupid enough not to care about Equestria's insane logic and they throw any nonsensical shit at them and get away with it?  I don't think it's our place to underestimate the intelligence of a child and worse, if bronies aren't fazed by this apparent lack of logic and aren't questioning it like I am, it means that this series has more or less suckered them in, yanking them by their penises on a hook, and taken away half their brains.  Then again, that would explain their behaviors on fan forums and such, especially seeing that they're most likely willing to hump any material that's considered pony.

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