Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Picking Apart "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", Season 4 Episodes 25 & 26 - Act I

WARNING! This post contains explicit content.  It is advised not to proceed unless you are an adult and you really, really mean it.  If you don't want to take me seriously, fine.  But I cannot be responsible for any offense.

So Twilight wants to find her purpose in life because she's a princess without a title.  Oh yeah, I'm sure what kind of destiny those God-awful bronies want for her.

Fortunately, we don't get that.  So what's next?  A musical number to tell us that Twilight's bummed, which we already know, and have the other three princesses assure her that she'll have a role soon enough?

And that's not necessarily saying that it's a problem or anything.  ...Well, the entire Season 4 finale is one big problem unto itself, but this song isn't God-awful or anything.  It's just pointless.  And I'll get to why that is in a bit.  But first, the horrible plot rears it's ugly head.

I should point out that the G1 version of Scorpan was a friend of Spike from G1 and Tirek's servant, corrupted into working for him.  Tirek had threatened Scorpan that he would behead Spike otherwise.  Kind of dark, yes... but a much more interesting plot, even if it is the blackmail cliche.
Also, Scorpan's true form was a human prince!  Hmph... Tirek and Scorpan brothers in G4...  What a load.

Okay, so Tirek has apparently been out of Tartarus ever since the events of the Season 2 episode "It's About Time", gradually recovering his strength overtime.  So if he wants all the Equestrian magic for himself, and he keeps growing in size and strength with each helping, adding on that any unicorn who tries to fight back would have its magic sucked out of its semen like a vacuum cleaner, that would make him unstoppable.  Hell, he's as good as already!  What have you done, Meghan McCarthy?!  What have you done?!  A one-sided power-hungry bloodthirsty villain?!  That's turning him into a fucking Mary sue!!  No, I'm fucking serious!!  Tirek is a fucking God-awful Mary sue!!  Since when did the staff decide they wanted the bad guys to win in their own show?

So do you now get why that musical number was entirely pointless?  All three other princesses clearly said that Twilight would 'get her chance', as it were, but when opportunity knocks, Celestia decides to send Discord to do her dirty work instead.  This in turn just made that whole song completely pointless.  See what the problem is here, people?

It seems that Discord suggests that the answers Twilight seeks are connected to that... chest thingy with six locks.  And... I'm sorry to keep straying from the story like this, but I just have to throw this in.

But anyways, Discord had apparently been keeping track of the progresses of the Mane 6, still selfish and conceited, except for Fluttershy.  So the Mane 6 all take a trip to the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, hoping to do an extensive research on that box thingy, everything but look in Discord's book because they believe he wasn't being helpful.

Oh yeah, it doesn't take an absent-minded mentally disabled nutzo with half a brain to figure out where this is going.  So as you can imagine, Discord decides to screw this thing called friendship because he didn't exactly have it to begin with and decides to join Tirek in his selfish conquest for... freedom, as he puts it.  I hope they win.

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