Monday, April 30, 2012

A World Where Only Reverse Psychology Exists

Now, someone please tell me this isn't true.  But unfortunately, it is, isn't it?  That is the real way this stupid world works, isn't it?  You tell someone something, they'll do either the opposite or not do it at all.  It's because we got brainless people existing who either haven't got a clue or try to make the one who's trying to tell them seem dumber.  It's idiotic, but sad to say, we are all living in a world of reverse psychology, especially here in the United States.  Hardly anyone is mature enough to listen.  The average human mind is susceptible to just about anything, including fear and greed.  Immature school students do not take their education seriously.  The country is deteriorating bit by bit because of Republican politicians and their evil plans to rule the world with iron fists.  So, if someone says something, people will just use it as leverage to do the opposite.  And if anyone so much as disagrees with me, you are to answer to me now.  What's it gonna be?  Will you admit to the painful truth?  Or argue with me just to make me look dumb?

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