Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Loyalty of Tori Meadows

"Go, Yuma!"

Meet one girl who has an undying loyalty to Yuma Tsukumo from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - Tori Meadows (Kotori Mizuki in Japanese)!  No matter what happens, she's always there for Yuma, by his side, even present in all of his duels so far, cheering him on.  When Yuma challenges the impossible, she is the only person who doesn't laugh, when even his friend Bronk does.  It's like she worries about him and is concerned for him, so I think it's more than safe to assume she has feelings for Yuma.  Now, the one problem with this is that when previous similar stuff happens, there are no hints that relationships are carried any further to the point where we say, "Yep, they're definitely gonna be an item."  So we gotta ask ourselves here.  Will this show be different?  Will Yuma and Kotori become an item towards the series' end, whenever that is?  Hell, will Kotori even kiss Yuma?  Not a bad idea, but sad to say, Yu-Gi-Oh! pairings never carry on the whole nine yards.  Not even Yugi and Téa did.  So what's the problem, Studio Gallop?  I know the show doesn't fixate on such stuff, but that doesn't mean it should be ruled out entirely.

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