Monday, June 24, 2013

The Ultimate Bombshell

I'm sure that many of you straggling fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom are aware that Meghan McCarthy informed us that the royal Pegasus guard named Flash Sentry, the pony who had the potent to become Twilight's first love interest, is not set to be in Season 4.  To some, it's like she dropped a bombshell on us, but others are rejoicing.  And for those people, it's like they don't want their 'beloved' Twilight in a relationship.

Why is that?!  What is wrong with these bronies?!  And that's not the half of it.  Now I've heard that Lauren Faust herself did not originally want any of the Mane 6 to end up in relationships during the series, not even Spike and Rarity.

Jeez.  You know, that's like saying Lauren Faust didn't want any romance in the show whatsoever.  Look, I get the whole emphasis of the show, I really do.  I know it's about friendship, though the Season 2 finale could lead just about anyone to become a doubting Thomas on that (you know I'm right), but come on!  Romance is everywhere in fiction, as in completely unavoidable.  Disney films are more than capable of creating romance and still sticking to the emphasis on friendship at the same time... and most of them target kids as demographic audiences!  I am also well aware that Lauren Faust was originally trying to break away from typical girly stuff, but please!  What's wrong with romance?  Not even the episode "Hearts and Hooves Day" proved anything, besides that it was just another shot to the gut by railing on the Cutie Mark Crusaders for no apparent reason.  At this rate, Phineas will become fully aware of Isabella's feelings for him before Twilight gets a real colt-friend... all because Flash Sentry isn't coming for Season 4.  And just when I thought Season 4 could throw in something worthwhile instead of just being empty space that isn't necessary what with Twilight's journey technically complete.

And for those of you who think Twilight will always have her books, well screw you.  She's not that much of an egghead, I should think and totally deserves being in a romantic relationship with a handsome stallion.  But even the staff isn't too supportive of this apparently.  What could have been easily the next step in Twilight's life is now gonna be nonexistent, making Season 4 rather pointless once again.  Flash Sentry could have made it, but he's gone now.

I can assure you that when I create my own characters and worlds with them, there will be romance amongst them, even if it's the tiniest bit or the most subtle hints.  And romance isn't just a Disney thing, so that's not an excuse for the Mane 6 to be left out.


  1. I think he's not going to be in the series mostly because they want to keep the Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls lines separate. You'll see his human version in the eventual Equestria Girls series (there is going to be one most likely, given that the DVD cover says "Full-Length Movie Premiere"), but to me it is still quite a disappointment that he's not going to be in Season Four.

    I'm actually dreading the next season a bit more now because stuff like this tells me that they want to play things safe, especially compared to season three. Yes, Twilight is a Princess now and (at least) the first few episodes are probably going to revolve around it, but what about the rest of the characters? I'm still hoping that at least one of the CMCs gets her cutie mark, that Scootaloo's family is finally shown, etc...

    1. Yeah, I did hear something about a series, but I guess I thought it became that movie, I dunno. I just happen to like romance and I thought Flash Sentry would be key to Twilight getting her big chance, hence why I think Season 4 will be somewhat dull now that Twilight's journey is technically complete.

      I'm still Batman when it comes to the CMC because every episode just has them get tea-bagged. Therefore, I think Meghan McCarthy might have been lying when she mentioned that something exciting would happen regarding them. I obviously do not trust the staff regarding the CMC and expect the worst from them. And after "One Bad Apple" and "Ponyville Confidential", is it any wonder? So far, the 'best thing' was Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash tying the knot as sisters.