Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From Masterpiece to Master Pieces

So, as I stated in my previous post, I said I would launch a discussion on SMW Central's first group project hack, "An SMWC Production" once I went through the entire game.  Well, I just did recently and right now, I'm extremely pissed off about a lousy glitch that no one bothered to fix.  I defeated the administration boss in the last space world level, which should have been the 117th and final exit, but apparently now the game itself is acting like I don't have the eight eggs anymore, which means, I can't view the ending and the credits anymore!  God, this is just awful!  This was like a huge project that over 200 SMW Central users put together and they couldn't fix every little problem that arose!  What's their lame excuse?!  Were they lazy or something?  Or were they secretly hell-bent on crushing players' hopes?  Either way, before I begin my streams of discussion posts, I'll say this much about this pathetic excuse for a hack.  It goes to show that the staff and moderators completely contradict every one of their tips and excuses for nitpicking on other hacks.  Because practically every little thing what they say not to do is present at least more than once in their group project!  So I can only surmise what I have should have suspected right from the very beginning.  The whole SMW Central site itself is a fallacy.  Period.  I just can't stand it when these sorts of things just can't be fixed.  They had this awesome power to put together custom random shit and it's bad enough for them to be stingy about it, and yet they don't have the power to fix minor glitches.  That's like bad with a capital "B".

Coming up next, my long threads of discussions in which to take out my newly acquired outrage on "An SMWC Production".

This means war, SMW Central!

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