Monday, March 12, 2012

Should've Been S'Autumn

As an equivalent to the Phineas and Ferb episode "S'Winter", in the Season 3 episode "Minor Monogram", Phineas and Ferb end up creating a day of autumn for one of their summer antics and call it "S'Fall". I suppose using this kind of term makes it sounds a little more humorous than "S'Autumn", because autumn is considered a technical term for fall...usually. But more noteworthy from my point of view is that in the same episode, Vanessa and Johnny... break up?!? But how... how can this be?! Hmm, maybe this might raise a few eyebrows for any Ferb and Vanessa fans out there, but I thought the co-creators themselves can only envision Ferb and Vanessa hooking up sometime after the series when they are older and age difference is irrelevant. Maybe, just maybe, they had to make a start somewhere, and I guess this was it. Mind you, "Minor Monogram" has yet to air over here in America, so I guess maybe it's better if we wait on this for the time being.

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