Tuesday, March 20, 2012


In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Let's Bounce", good ol' Dr. Doofenshmirtz makes one of the biggest cultural references in the history of the series - the fact that people in today's society will lie to cover up just about anything. He even performs a song to make his point! Now let me give an example from the Internet. The Super Mario World hacking site SMW Central claims to strive to be the ideal hacking site, but in actuality, the forum moderators and staff members are big egotists who care only about themselves, are overly critical for even minor setbacks, don't give a rat's ass about people's personal problems or daily lives, making others feel only worse about themselves, and of course abuse their power. Maybe that's not quite along the lines of lying, so here's a better example - Republicans. Now before you conservative people come and attack me, you need to know this. Republicans are in fact notoriously known nowadays for lying through their teeth to get what they want. Instead of actually helping the United States, all they do is attack Democrats, including President Obama, and not technically say what they can do that would be better, especially when all they want to do is rule the U.S. with an iron fist by making the rich people even more wealthy and making the poor people practically suck dirt beneath their heels. Face facts, people. Republicans are evil and there's no denying it. But in short, the kind of lies that Doofenshmirtz refers to are among the worst kinds of lies anyone can tell. Because while these lies are told to cover up and not hurt people's feelings, when the lies are later exposed, the victims end up twice as hurt as they would have been had the truth been told. So be honest, give feedback, and suggest ways to improve instead of lie or simply say "I don't like it". Be a good person and not someone who thinks entirely inward.

Lies are the glue that hold society together
People lie about their mileage, they lie about the weather
They lie to spare each others feelings
They lie to stay in bed
They lie to feel important, about all the books that they've read

This artwork is done by the deviantART user Smoodoos. So I take no credit for it.

People say that it's alright
They're only trying to be polite
But even though they're little and white
They're lies
Yes, everyone says it's alright
And I don't want to start to start a fight
But you know the ties that bind us tight are

So, what will you believe?

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