Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Land Before Time Appreciation Committee

It's time to take a moment to look back, reflect, and appreciate our veterans from The Land Before Time franchise and series who helped bring this epic series to life, having spanned for two decades before closing its books. So let's look at our best and long-time crew members, shall we?

Charles Grosvenor
He has taken part in producing and directing the films and the television series since the fifth film.

Anndi McAfee
She has been the voice of Cera from the fifth film onward and has essentially brought this character to life each time she changed in personality and adjusted to her family changes. Not to mention, Anndi McAfee provided, in my opinion, the best singing voice for Cera ever, hands down.

Aria Noelle Curzon
She was the voice of Ducky ever since the fifth film. Add on that it was she and Anndi McAfee who sang a duet cover of "If We Hold on Together", the main theme of the series and we've got two wonderful people who played their parts magnificently.

Jeff Bennett
He provided the voice of Petrie in all the sequels and the television series as well as a slew of other characters as well. Quite the talent!

John Ingle
He has voiced Cera's grumpy father, Topps, in all the sequels and the television series as well as narrated many of the sequel films. Similar to Cera, Topps' character has considerably lessened in his prejudice and bad attitude as the films progressed. Good thing too, because prejudice is always a bad thing to live by.

Miriam Flynn
She provided the voice of Grandma Longneck from the fifth film onward, as well as the voice of the mother Diplodocus from the ninth film, to which she provided a wonderful singing voice in the song "No One Has to Be Alone".

Rob Paulsen
He was the voice of Spike for many of the films and the television series as well as other characters.

So while The Land Before Time series may not live on forever, let's give thanks and appreciation to these veterans as well as everyone from Universal Animation Studios who gave their efforts to bring forth this awesome children's series and introduce lessons in life and friendship, as the series always had. We may not see a fourteenth film or any more episodes, so let's appreciate what has been done for us already.

Thank you, everyone! Anyone wanna join the committee?

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