Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA, PIPA, What is This?

Yeah, I heard the news and everything. This so-called bill is said to incriminate the first amendment and in a nut shell, put the Internet out of a job. I have to wonder who in the blazes would come up with such a corrupt idea. I'll bet it's those rotten Republicans, always out to conquer the world with their own little schemes to put a whole planet down. The filth. Don't you people get it by now? Republicans are evil. And if something isn't done, an empire of bigotry and dominance will be forged and prejudice will reign supreme! Apparently, either no one remembers what it was like when the evil George W. Bush was president or people do remember and they love treating poor people like they don't deserve to exist. It seems that everyone who doesn't get it is ignorant, which is why I continue to lose faith in humanity... cause it's disgusting each and every passing day, the way no one thinks smartly. Do me a favor and get your heads straightened on!

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