Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's All Ancient History Now

For almost four years, a well-known and long-running children's franchise known as The Land Before Time has been over ever since the television series aired its last episode. With thirteen movies and 26 episodes, all beginning with the phenomenal release of the first film in theaters in 1988, The Land Before Time spanned for 20 consecutive years before finally closing the book on the Prehistoric Pals and their many adventures. Why, you ask? Well, as a start, there doesn't seem to be any signs whatsoever of a fourteenth film or any more episodes. So it seems that the Oviraptor character Ruby from the television series may never get a film debut. Such a pity. The series included mainly emphasis on lessons learned about life and friendship, but there's still that big question that likely remains. Should The Land Before Time have stopped with just the one Don Bluth film? Or was it worth twelve sequels and a television series for the introductions and debuts of lovable characters such as Chomper and Ruby? I don't think we're ever gonna get a definite answer on that. But I definitely do not think all these sequels were made to deliberately insult the original Don Bluth film. Somewhere in this country, popularity hath risen. So, I guess the whole series is just in the ancient past now and today, it has only paved the way for fans to take over. Dinosaurs and their relatives became extinct 65 million years ago... now it seems that it won't be long before this long-running series shares the same fate.

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