Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interaction With Prerecorded Messages... Now There's Technology For You!

Thought I might as well have some fun with one of my favorite video game comedy bits from Dorkly. It's funny, but it's interesting to note that this scene is located in the level where the Maverick robot Chill Penguin resides, the area that is recommended to visit first because the player, X, obtains the Dash Boots at that location. Not to mention, the player has to interact with the prerecorded message from Dr. Light in this level, but it's worth getting the Dash Boots because they are extremely vital to the rest of the game, Mega Man X. Of course, this comedy bit pokes fun at this point in the game. I give props for good use of sprite animation.

Heh... why doesn't X just blast Chill Penguin while he's distracted with laughter?

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