Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nothing But Phineas and Ferb

Yeah, I've sometimes been talking of nothing else, so what? But that's beside the point because today, I'm discussing my disappointment in some irresponsible and insensible users regarding the hit TV show. And here's why. It seems that some users, if not many, just won't shut up about Phineas's so-called real father and Ferb's so-called real mother. And on the wiki, there is the recent mentioning of Isabella's father. Asking about such characters is actually considered a stupid question because it has no relevance to the show whatsoever and never will. And the same goes for Isabella's father. Even though her mother has been proven to be a married woman (see the episode "No More Bunny Business"), as long as such information is not important to the show and provides nothing towards its standards, as far as I'm concerned, Phineas's father is Lawrence Fletcher and Ferb's mother is Linda Flynn. End of story. So please users, stop being stupid and drop this shenanigan already.

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