Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Start, New Age

With yet another new year of greatness, regarding the media world of course, since no thanks to you losers the rest of the world will soon break apart into dust, I decided to make a fresh new start in the fandom area of Yu-Gi-Oh!, with new kinds of cards. Behold, the Epoch Monsters, new cards for a new age of dueling, ready to bring the card game to the next level. Like with Fusion Monsters and Synchro Monsters, proper Material Monsters must be required and sent off to the card Graveyard to summon an Epoch Monster, but they can be either on the field or in your hand to perform an Epoch Summon. However, they must be the required Attributes listed on the card. Otherwise, this new summon cannot be achieved. So feel free to bask in this new fan method of playing the card game. Sure, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL is probably gonna be all high and mighty with its Excess/Exceed stuff, but I can't keep getting into Yu-Gi-Oh! anime like this forever. I still wanna come up with my own, and this will be the key to doing so. Happy New Year! Or, pfft!

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