Friday, October 1, 2010

LePage is more like LePrat

Yeah, you heard me right, folks, and I'm not sorry. This Republican idiot is gonna get himself busted more than he thinks. Have you heard all his verbal attacks against Democrats and the President? You know, he used to have a popularity boost, but now it's become a shrinkage just barely behind Mitchell, our Democrat candidate. So you see, Republican scum, all they ever do is attack us Democrats not giving a shit about our country, our people, or the economy. They just say things like how bad Democrats are doing their job, yet I don't believe they can do any better. No, their plan is to just insult us to no end, and judging on this popularity shrinkage Mr. LePrat has hit, I'd say some smart people are catching on. Still, if anyone's voting for this tyrant wanna-be, it's because voters either have no sense or LePrat is frightening them into voting for him. It's voting through intimidation, I tell you, and I for one am not falling for it. Ah, glory to free speech!

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