Monday, September 13, 2010

Out of Material

Lately, it has been made public, or announced, that more Phineas and Ferb songs have been made as demos before their final versions are released in future episodes, including "Rollercoaster: The Musical" and the TV movie. Fortunately, there is also proof to back it up, so we're expecting this material to appear at some point. The problem is, Disney Channel and Disney XD are not running a hot schedule, as many months this year have gone without airing any new episodes whatsoever, so Season 2 is slowing to a crawl, with only Disney Channel airing "Wizard of Odd" later this month. I mean, what's the deal? The show's popular enough, so what happened? I sincerely hope Spongebob didn't do a number on it or Phineas referencing Spongebob and Patrick's uselessness was taken as an offense.

Seriously, some people have no sense of humor, but they have no right to defend Spongebob from anything, even getting flushed down the toilet along with his pride and popularity.

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