Thursday, September 2, 2010

At the End of the War

In the latest Presidential Address to the nation, President Obama officially declared the war in Iraq over after the last of the combat troops were withdrawn. Of course, not every American has returned, but the combat ops have come to an end after nearly a decade of seemingly ceaseless fighting. Well, the President did promise us an end to this war that he opposed back when he was a senator, a war that former President Bush should not have gotten us involved in. On a good note, Obama also never mentioned the term "victory", but simply said the mission was over. Saying the word "victory" is a mistake former President Bush would certainly make, or already made for that matter. I say, "Well spoken, Mr. President" in regards to his nationwide speech. And anyone who dares to oppose me can just... eh, I'm not gonna say it.

So well done, President Obama! You have my support all the way!

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