Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aloha, Phineas and Ferb!

The Hawaiian episode has come and gone and now that it has aired on both Disney Channel and Disney XD, it is now available on iTunes as well! And as it turns out, this isn't the hour-long episode that was mentioned to air this summer. Nah, this was just a warm-up. The true hour-long episode is coming in August along with another new episode halfway through the month!

Even though the Hawaiian episode is only another half-hour episode, there's still loads of fun and humor packed into it. In Part I, the stepbrothers are up to their old antics again with one of their unbelievable activities. This time, they create life size aqua primates, or "A-Primes" and they do the "A-Prime Calypso", but instead of Candace trying to bust them, the hotel manager attempts to do the honors, which of course leads to epic fail. Meanwhile Dr. Doofenshmirtz attempts to devolve all human life with his de-evolution-nator, but Perry the Platypus is again able to stop him by causing the machine to backfire. In Part II, Candace is cursed with bad luck when she finds a tiki charm and is eventually told to take it to the top of a volcano to be rid of it. But at the top is a fancy restaurant where her family is waiting and due to her charm wins a free dessert. However, Candace turns it down, as expected, because... well, that's the way she acts when it comes down to things like this. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry are stranded on an island until the scientist steals a boat and is subsequently swallowed by a whale from the O.W.C.A. named Agent W. Perry and Major Monogram resume their vacation and Candace ends up stuck on an escalator.

Oops, sorry for the spoilers, but I didn't bring up that many details, so why don't you fans see the episode for yourselves? And with that... aloha!

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