Saturday, May 8, 2010

Brutal Mario RPG

Those of you fans who derive interest in Super Mario World hacks, here's some news. If you remember, I stated in an earlier post that Japanese hackers are capable of surpassing our skills, particularly with hacks such as the Vip Wall Mix series and Brutal Mario. In this case, I am discussing Brutal Mario, a Japanese Super Mario World hack created independently by the Japanese user Carol, who is apparently a genius with ASM. Earlier demos hinted that while level designing was not way up on the hot list, the ASM in the hack more than made up for it with loads of custom bosses, several from video games that were only released in Japan. But now it seems that Carol has given Brutal Mario an entirely new makeover, as hinted by the newest screenshots uploaded to the VIP Wiki website, and is now giving the hack even more of an RPG style than ever before. I always did think that the boss battle with Zeal from Chrono Trigger would be a full-on RPG battle and it looks like it darn may well be with this new ASM enhancement! Also, the file select now has an ASM feature that keeps track of the current time spent playing, a typical RPG feature. Looks like this is still gonna be one hell of a hack when it is finally released in its entirety! Here's to you, Carol! Keep at it!

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