Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Bad Pokémon

This just in... the silhouetted Pokémon from before has been revealed early and like Lucario from Diamond and Pearl, it has a pre-evolutionary form as well. As expected, only the Japanese names have been revealed, so it'll be quite a while before English names see the light of day. Until then, feel free to revel in the awesomeness of two new Pokémon, officially marking the start of a whole new generation. What makes them bad, you say? Well, their names translate to the meanings "evil fox" and "monster fox", so this may be a clue towards the feral Pokémon's role as the Phantom Champion.
And with a shadowy side of Ash existing, there's not much that can prove that the new Pokémon has a good side, but twists and turns may surprise us yet. Ash sees double... make that double trouble! Japanese audiences will be the first to know what happens!

That's right, this guy's an evil little fox!

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