Monday, November 9, 2009

Xigbar pronounced "shig-bar"? As if!

Today, I'm briefly discussing something probably rather pointless. Throughout the Kingdom Hearts series, several of the Organization XIII members never have their names mentioned in cut scenes where players hear characters actually speak. These include Xigbar, Demyx, and Luxord, so we likely don't know how they're pronounced, but can make a good guess. So why would Xigbar be pronounced as "shig-bar"? One reason is that Marluxia was revealed in the English version of Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories to be pronounced as "mar-loo-sha", the "xi" being replaced with the sound "sh". This was also used in Xion's pronounciation ("she-on"), which was revealed in the July 2009 Nintendo Power magazine. So, why not Xigbar? Because it wouldn't make sense? Probably. We don't know anyway, so why don't we just pronounce it as "zig-bar" and call the whole thing off? This post is ridiculously pointless anyway...

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